[Addon v1.108] [MC 1.4.2] [Universal] CobbleGeneratorv0.2

  • Processing one junk in MassFab = 610 EU (166000/34/8).
    One cobble = 2 junk with autocrafting (slabs), 1 junk without.
    So, even 230 EU price is not too expensive, and100-150 is quite a sweet deal.

    Also: please add support for upgrade modules.

  • I will add Mk1, Mk2, Mk3. Mk2 will output smoothstone, Mk3 will output scrap. Mk3 wil be really expensive.
    Also it will work ONLY if it is located between water and lava source.
    Why upgrades? Cobblegenerator can consume any voltage. Why energystorage? It will be forever 0. (hard to explain)