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    Praise the lord for even more weirdly crafted solar panels! And a 1.7 port, that's good too ;)

    When will this come though? :P

    Well, for that I shall redirect you.... Hey sent, when are they going to be released? xD

    OK. No joking.
    We have an .obj model. And idea. That's probably all we have by now.
    Sent asked me to write some rendering code for that model, but my laziness.. ehm. No. I did not say that.
    When (and *if*) I write that code, Sent's gonna start writing logic for it.
    And then, after two weeks of bugtesting we maaay, maaay release it.
    Actually, no way it's going take less than three weeks. Yeah. Something like that.

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    We respect, adore and love him and everything he does for the good of Russian people.
    As long as you aren't gay or pro-democracy.

    I'm not a gay. And don't support democrazy either. (intentional mistake).
    And BTW, there are almost no gays in our country. At least in semi-province areas (quite close to Moscow, ~50-60-ish kilometeres). You can't prosecute/chase people that are nonexistant, can you?

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    Putin was never power hungry
    Right. Twisting laws, imprisoning "inconvenient" people, rewriting history books and doing other stuff like that is just all OK.

    Waaait a second, who on earth was imprisoned for being "inconvenient"? Those ones sent from west to destroy the statehood and plunge our country into the abyss of chaos? Hrm, if I were Putin I would have been imprisoning a lot more of those pseudo-"peaceful protest" organizers. He's being a little bit too courteous with them.
    Twisting laws? A few examples please?
    Rewriting history books? A few examples please?
    Doing "other stuff"? A few examples please?

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    if you just ask anybody in our country, 8/10 people will say they support Putin and the direction he leads our country.
    And that direction would be world domination? Also, brainwashing is a thing. How much non-Russian media do you follow? Have you ever compared how different news outlets present the same events?

    Hrm, I personally do read NYT and WSJ (primarily "opinion" rubrics).
    Informating put up there has nothing to do with the reality, believe me.

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    We'll get there though, don't worry
    I do worry. I don't want my country to be invaded and pillaged for half a century but looking at Crimea that's exactly ere Russia is headed.

    Hrm, sorry for being a teeny-weeny bit imperialistic, but... who on earth needs Estonia?

    @Brainwashing: From my point of view you're being brainwashed. From your point of view I am brainwashed. Where's the truth? You think the truth is yours, I think it's mine. Loop. Recursion.

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or lying. Communism never works out. Putin is an power hungry idiot

    Neither was I sarcastic nor lying. Putin was never power hungry; if you just ask anybody in our country, 8/10 people will say they support Putin and the direction he leads our country. He rebuilt Russia from chaos of nineties. We respect, adore and love him and everything he does for the good of Russian people. And BTW, I said nothing about communism. It was a nightmare for demos, but our country was so strong that nobody could do anything in world without consulting USSR. We are already pretty darn close to that level of power, but not quite to such an extent yet. We'll get there though, don't worry :P

    Sanctions were a great idea. Everybody in our country now loves Mr. Putin (previously there were some jerks who didn't, but luckily enough Medvedev has gone away), so does everybody laugh at west with his democracy and all that western crap.

    Agreed on the magmatic engine part. Magmatics are a ton less expensive than their IC2 counterpart (GTG).
    On Sent's server I've already managed to exploit that xD (like the next day we got this addon on the server) I built 100 magmatics and now have my constant 1000 EU/t, required to make first USH (already made one, so... yeah, cheaty).
    Also, that magmatics -> EU thing is 125% more effective (total of 225% of original eff) than geothermals (they burn 1 bucket for like 10k-ish EU, right?)

    There already is config option for that.

    Once again, we lost you ;(

    Just an official announcement.
    LS is going to die. There are many reasons for this, the first one being that, like any other modder/programmer, in the very beginning of LS I was learning, thus writing poor code and there's just too much of it. LS 1 was a pretty low-quality addon, and I want to change that, especially since I have perfect opportunity and motive for a major code revision (1.7).
    I might create some kind of another addon for 1.7. IV is just too good to die :P

    Use OreDictionary.WILDCARD_VALUE for electric items in recipes.

    From ASP:

    Hrm, you only fix hardcoded recipes. You should iterate through the entire recipe list, select AdvRecipes outta them and edit AdvRecipes to change every non-wildcard-electric item to be wildcard one. That would fix the addons being broken, right now it hardly helps...