Bug: Canning machine + BuildCraft 2

  • When having a pipe attached to the top to feed in fx biofuelcells, and a pipe on the bottom to feed in fx empty fuel cans, the middle pipe or side pipe extracts everything it can get its hands on, in randome order... Cell,s empty cans, and then fuel cans for some odd reason..

  • Take a guess why, the canning machine has 4 slots. So the pipe of course goes WTF?! as it doesn't know that thing since it's not based anymore on already existing things like the furnace. Basically everything in IC1 was a furnace variation.

    What I don't know if Al can do much about that as I'm unsure if SpaceToad prepared BC already for such advanced interaction. Guess since I'm on the helper team of BC I'll make Toad aware of it.

    On my install Mining Drill doesn't give off any sounds at all o.o
    Help! Somebody fix that please!
    Wait a sec... damnit.

    no idea if he was serious but either way that was damn funny xD