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    The issue is, if we only browse for an inventory, the miner would as welll start filling other nearby machines... f.e. Pumps or MFEs.
    Limiting it's size is sort of the only way to prevent that, but if you got a machine with >= 9 slots, it would still consider those valid. Examples: Reactor, Cropmatron, Canner (I think).
    Of course these are special cases of sorts...

    Ok that's a point, but what about going for >= 9 slots except "IC ones which wouldn't be a target", like the ones you mentioned?
    I guess if it would be simply possible to make it optionally check if there's a relay available you would have done that already I guess.

    Maybe forge should have a function that can check if a defined blocktype is present without breaking if it isn't, something like that, wouldn't that help for such optional mod combination checks?

    It ignores small inventories to make sure it's most likely something similar to a chest.

    If it doesn't want to work with the relay, can't it then atleast output to tubes properly? Cause that's what the relay is for, an easier interface to allow things enter the tube system.

    A chest + a ticked filter could work too but that's for one thing more laggy I guess as you constantly have to pulse it and for the other it's one block more you have to place, though I guess no one would care about that.

    The problem aren't the generators, the problem is that the energy net breaks when you load in the nether.
    I got a setup with a geo gen, 2 MFSUs and transformators for HV -> LV and everytime I load in the nether I'd have to replace all of these.
    Since you can't replace storages without wasting their energy I have to leave and re-enter the nether, then it's fine again.

    Just to throw an old idea in about reusing the lavacells in the current geogen:
    Add a new slot in the middle, that slot will receive (actually 'create') an empty cell for each used up lavacell.
    It also wouldn't use up a new lavacell unless there's space in the lavatank AND the middle slot. (Although that'd be optional, I for my part would make sure it wouldn't overflow so idc if it would check or not)
    That way we could pack up lots of lava in the nether without having to burn some tin for that. Although I still have to see how much that would actually burn in a legit game but I never find something that needs enough power that solars won't do it. Yeah I know, MassFab, ain't had that in legit yet.

    Edit: also Zodiak, you CAN already fill GeoGens from buckets.
    Also I think what that one meant was direct like in piping in the lava (and water) over BC liquid pipes. But I may be wrong.

    Nice thing but the numbers in the darkgrey fields of the table confuse the hell out of me, I understood that the color shows if a combination is good or bad but that's it.
    If they show the loss, then why does Glassfiber show for 121 EUt over 200 blocks 1210 in green in the 1eu packet row?

    Example setup with kill-switch

    EDIT: Actually you have to run ordinary redstone to the reactor or it won't work.

    Just sneak while right-clicking the reactor with a wire in hand, being able to build such a good circuit you should know that. I just don't know if directly on it placed isolated wire will work, if not just use bare.

    Also both of your circuits are really nice, makes you almost wanna try to make such a 5 sec reactor of doom :3

    I had a random thought last week to set up a recycler in my base, since I didn't have one... I slapped it down next to my recharging waystation, wired the solar power from the waystation into it, put a nice box around it, colored it green and white to suit, put a sign on it... and there we go... suddenly I had the best timewaster I had ever invented!

    While waiting for random items to recharge in my waystation, I'll take a bit of time out to sift through my messy inventory, placing things into the recycler, and as an added bonus, when enough scrap had been generated, a light would come on and I get to press a button for a surprise gift!!! WOOOO!!!!! All it took was one diamond to pop out before I hooked up a teleport pipe into the top of this waystation, hooked the other end of that teleport pipe to my quarry off in the midst of nowhere, then sat patiently by the recycler until the light came on, so that I could press the button. ^^

    Isn't recycling fun? :D

    Rapidfire dispensers (thanks to RP gates) aren't bad either, especially when they open your scrap boxes :3
    I wish RP computing would exist already, I'd so make a fricking counting machine that creates a table from it. I'm so gonna redo this test when we get that, wonder what scrap boxes will give then, if they still exist then...

    Edit: also I'll use the deployer nexttime... the dispenser derps about RP current so it only runs half as fast since I have to toggle gate it.

    Now, with the next update it doesn't matter anymore. Recycling will be degraded to a fun randomness-thing or Mass-Fuel.
    But you won't get enough valuable stuff to actually make it a serious productive business :O

    Just have to revert to 1.8.1 for that... (I miss the sticky dynamite in 1.0.0)

    Edit: after a long counting test of one chest full of scrap boxes (54*64) this came out

    and yeah, I'm aware that these are not 54*64 items, I have no idea where the hell I lost a bit more than a stack but whatever, should be still a good estimation of what you'll get, lots of dirt and hoes lol
    now his update note "suddenly hoes" makes sense XD

    A possible way would be noting how much power's stored in either worlds transfer storage and track the transfer in the active world, then when you swap the tracked values get forced into the storages from which they were.
    Like when you got 10m in the nether it saves 10m and you leave it, then you start draining from that saved 10m (which it actually generates 'out of the void') until you either go to the nether or use all 10m up. So when you go back to the nether the storage from that the 10m were saved get's set to whatever's left.
    I guess using Laps would be easier, not only for Al but in the end for us too.
    Or for you MassFab lovers that need bigger dimensions, get a modder to just make an ITron Crystal, Iridium Plated Lapotrons :P with dunno 10m capacity?

    I'd never need that, I'd only need 1 lap for setting up a remote miner and that only since a normal crystal can't hold enough, my mining operations normally need 250k so I prefer MSFU -> MV -> LV -> Miner - Pump -> GeoGen for when there should be lava to recharge a bit back ^^

    well if your hell-bent on using fuel you can farm tin with UU-Matter (I wouldn't advise it) it isn't fast AT ALL but if you REALLY wanna get something working this is it. alternatively you can use coal although you get 3 less coal than tin for the same amount of matter X_X

    Getting wood and charcoaling it for that use it way better, I think it was 8 wood for 1 matter better than 2? coal for 3? matter. But that just as a sidenote :3
    Alternatively to RP2 and lots of d-pipes you could try that logistics addon for BC, it makes routing of specific items way easier.

    And I thought Al made the wrench not fail anymore since mine never failed since IC2 but I guess I never removed enough machines. : /
    About the accidental removing, why don't just change left and right click of the wrench? Make it remove something with 'breaking' it and only use right click for reorienting. Maybe 0.5 sec for breaking, that should be fast enough I guess but still enough to prevent accidental removing.

    To reword what I said. The drawbridge would be like a cobblestone generator from the earlier versions of minecraft, except its industrial and it retracts the blocks back into itself, and has a finite range depending on what material the bridge blocks are crafted with.

    sounds like it would also make nice gates and hangar doors :3 I want that :D

    True, EE is so horrible unbalanced.
    You can even farm diamonds with a cactus farm 8|

    Mhm, I think there was another mod that also let's you do that, eventhough not as fast probably. Anyone happen to know which I mean? :P
    Ontopic, I wouldn't mind bones being added to the drops, wouldn't be unrealistic to find them in all of that scrap.

    The q-suit's op'ed enough that I'm not even cheating myself one in my testworlds lol

    But I'd love to have a laser rifle though :( maybe an 200 shot one or less but then mobily rechargeable with either gems or bats. Maybe also with a scope? (addable?)
    God I loved the laser rifles in Fallout 3 / NV. Now since they nerfed all weapons (I think the bow too) IC2 could really get it's own 'bow'. We already got the epilepsy saber so a lazor rifle wouldn't hurt, unless it's epilepsy too :3 (I'm not even epileptic and that saber's a pain, the one I cheated me once was always off or only on when I fought and asap off again xD)

    Floodgate I am pretty sure does this kinda of effect, and this seems rather low tech for industrialcraft. I suggest you try out the force-field addon, and make a force-bridge.

    Didn't the forcefield zap you? I thought of making a mob grinder floor with a small one hoping the items would survive. Never got to test it yet though.

    Also about the drawbridge, rs running over / into the spawner block makes it extend as much space / blocks are available, missing rs starts retracting. Needs to be supplied with some EU to do either. Spawned blocktype maybe settable by giving it a stack into a slot in it's gui?
    And since I don't know if you meant a joint-point lifting drawbridge (x| x/ x_) or a simplified version with just works like a piston magazine combo in one block (x- x-- x---). If the latter please also vertical placement to allow huge gates :D
    I'd say go for huge gates, it wouldn't be far off of IC's feel ^^

    Oh, and my two cents for what to do with the XP. How about a 'cloning' chamber to make mobs. And you have to infuse them with 'lifeforce' you gathered from other mobs in battle. That happen to take the form of those orbs. Just an idea.

    That life force thing is the best explanation for 'XP' being usable for enchanting to begin with. While I love Tech and Magic stuff I don't really like that way of enchanting, I'd love it more if he'd went for a Morrowind like approach, capturing souls as base energy and somehow aquiring the spells you want to enchant into your stuff or somewhat like that. This random crap is just meh.
    I'd miss the potions maybe if they get disabled, maybe not. Don't know until I've played some 1.0 : /

    O.O.... which means that, assuming that this works, my ideas for Forge-like compartmentalization of original vMC content could work (thru a tedious, yet effective, system of remapping blocks to meta-data slots via ID reassignments) :D

    But there is the problem with world generation, as I think Notch set that to being hard coded to each ID... *thinks*

    Guess I know what I need to be doing over Thanksgiving break... lol

    Well if that remapping of vanilla ids to metas is possible ask Elo how she wrote her terragen modification.
    Her Basalt and Marble are same id diff meta's. You'd just had to also remap the whole terragen, then it *should* work. I really don't see why that guy doesn't use that trick from the modders yet anyways and instead uses up even more id's, he should compress his blocks first before expanding even more. They already did for tree saplings, why didn't they also for ore's f.e.? Stones (cobble, smooth, brick etc) stairs and maybe more, all could be compressed into one id but no, why go through the troubles.

    I also do not understand your statement, or at least your examples. Hunger, drowning, and gravity are still in the game, they are only 'disabled', to use your words, when wearing what is essentially end-game armor, or specialized items that prevent you from wearing real armor. What Al was proposing to do was completely disable an aspect of the game from the word go, just because it conflicts with items you may or may not use in the game.

    I am rather intrigued, on the other hand, with the rather dim outlook on the enchanting feature expressed in this thread. Do people here hate Notch for modifying his game?

    If at all then I only really hate him for not keeping modding support more in mind and higher in priority, nerfing weapons (great to make the d-sword useless like I've not had less legit ones in my life than fingers...), adding creepers and enderman (these ****ers just ruin everything, I don't mind dying but I damn DO MIND having to fix my own crap <_<) and maybe a few other things I can't remember atm. I guess yeah I hate some to more than some of his ideas. Which is why I'm looking forward to real modding support.

    Anyone else btw thinks it would've been easier for him to add that if he'd have kept it in mind from the first sign of being a wish of the community rather than now having to API everything? It'd be a wonder if we get that already in 2012... Unless he'd seriously try to make that asap but I doubt that.