[1.4.2 FTB] Industrial Block (Whitelist)

  • The Industrial Block

    TIB Project is to be a massive space station for mankind to take to the stars and explore new worlds. Will you aid in mankind's last hope by assisting in the TIB project?

    A MASSIVE space station is in the works that will be the spawn point for new players and provide permanent living space.

    Once the space station is completed, a new world will be generated approximately every month. After a month this world will be disabled and a new one will be created.

    One World will be open portal allowing travel both ways allowing players to visit the world mine and build openly. Basic events will take place here as well.

    The Second world will be a harsh environment. These worlds will usually have more resources. Shuttles will drop you off here but will only pick you up once a week. Security staff will not be available on this world allowing open PVP.

    Server Info

    Server IP: industrialblock.com (

    Website: industrialblock.com (Early design needs work)

    Running FTB pack with logistic pipes addded



    -port 7279

    -pass: noti

    Difficulty: Hard Survival with mob griefing disabled (no creeper/zombie damage to buildings)

    White list enabled

    Slots: 50

    Server is hosted by creeperhost.net (will increase service as needed)

    Xeon L5420

    5 GB Ram


    1. TIB is a server for adults.

    a. No excessive cursing.

    b. No form of speech that makes another feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. If asked to stop, please stop.

    c. No offensive skins. If asked to change it, please change it.

    2. Don’t mess with other people's stuff.
    a. If it does not belong to you please don’t touch it.
    b. Don’t build close to another person, leave room for both of you to expand.
    3. PVP by consent only.
    a. Both parties need to be willing to PVP
    b. Attacker is responsible for fixing accidental damage.
    c. PVP will be allowed in designated areas
    4. Don’t be needy.
    a. Don’t ask moderators for items.
    b. Learn to use Google. If you need help with how to do something, please remember, someone may choose to help you but no one has to help you.

    For more information please visit http://forum.feed-the-beast.co…-whitelist-in-alpha.1235/

  • I would like to join your server, Can I be accepted on the whitelist plz? I'f I am alouwed I i'll :Electric Jetpack: to the moon! P.S. I'm dyslectic also I will sell MinecraftSlime balls

    I'm here to kick ass and chew gum and i'm all out off gum