Thoughts on recipe balance

  • Hey guys,

    I've recently published my BC crossover mod and wanted to ask your guys thoughts on recipe balance for the generator in the mod, and perhaps your thoughts on recipe balance in general, hence the discussion thread here.

    The generator uses BC oil and fuel as an energy source, producing 10k and 100k EU respectively (link in my profile). The current recipe is:

    1 x Electric Circuit
    1 x Generator
    1 x Combustion Engine (12 iron,12 cobble, 5 planks, 1 redstone, 1 glass for non BC'ers)
    2 x Water Cell

    After having a closer look at the IC wiki, I noticed that solar is pretty much the only non-nuclear generator with circuitry. This makes me wonder if my recipe is too expensive? Keep in mind that although fuel produces more energy than a geo-generator, that there is much more infrastructure involved.

    I was wondering what people would think of this as an alternative recipe (swapping out the circuit)?

    1 x Tank (8 Glass for non BC'ers)
    1 x Generator
    1 x Combustion Engine
    2 x Water Cell

    The reason I chose the above is I would see them both as roughly representing the 'real' components of a fuel generator.

    Now to through it out more generally, how do you guys as Addon Developers decide on your recipes? Are there rules of thumb you apply to keep your item balanced and not OP?

  • Not really, I think I can achieve better total eu/t with Geothermal Generators + Magma Crucible (from Thermal Expansion) + NetherRack( BC Quarry) and the fact that you can pump lava directly from nether(1 bucket lava = 20k total in geothermal generator).. So maybe you can buff Oil to like 20k or above?