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    Ok, so I eventually got it working on my own, but now i have another question. Is there a way to modify the EU/t output values for both oil and fuel in the generator? The config file has a way to modify the total EU of a bucket, but not the rate at which it outputs.

    It is currently only the fuel amount that is configurable, not the EU/t. Out of interest, what values would you like to change them to, and why?

    So do I. I'm sad it's been nerfed, it was so cool getting more energy from Coal ... CovertJaguar should just have decreased amount of creosote produced per Wood combustion .

    This is the main reason I won't be implementing creosote folks - I made an early design decision to focus exclusively on non-renewable oil-based fuel. Railcraft unfortunately doesn't distinguish between wood-tar creosote and coal-tar creosote, effectively making creosote a renewable resource.

    Now updated to version 1.2!

    Download now!

    This update brings the following additions:

    • Access the controls!
      Since a class-action suit against DrCeph industries by engineers with malformed hands, Petroleum Generator has been improved such that a newly placed generator will now have the faceplate facing towards the player that placed the block. No longer will your activity light be obscured by the wall of your secret lair.
    • Burn all the things!
      If using alongside TrainCraft, Petroleum Generator will enable an IC2-based processing chain to turn those fields of Oil Sands and Crude Oil ore pockets into sweet* Liquid Oil. Check the main post for details on the processing chain.

    I personally like the humour and to be honest I've found that the IC2 wiki is at the more comprehensive end of the minecraft mod wiki spectrum.

    I'll admit that some of the modpacks out there have some wikis that are better than the IC2 wiki, but that is hardly surprising given that the compilers of a modpack have way less work on their plate than a mod developer.

    Edit[2]: Uh, okay, correction: input is fine, input.getItem() is null. I can tell you that it's *trying* to be the NetherOres block ID, but why it would get nulled when PetroGen is present is beyond me. PetroGen doesn't even do anything with smelting, does it?

    No it doesn't. The only registries it uses is to a) Add the crafting recipe, b) add the block c) get the fuel and oil IDs from the LiquidContainerRegistry (which will be removed in a later version as Buildcraft now statically declares the LiquidStacks). What I definitely don't do is mess with smelting recipies, so why there is an interplay with smelting functionality is perplexing.

    I downloaded EE3 and tried the hotfix that Narc worked out and it seems to have worked for me. Here is hoping that Pahimar accepts the pull request. He should do seeing as his current code doesn't handle all edge cases.

    I'm going to have a look through the block registry methods and see if there is something going on there, I know they've changed somewhat in the latest forge versions.

    Great work, this mod really makes use of BC oil.
    Just a small suggestion, it would be nice to have multiple tiers of petrol generators to keep it useful even in the end-game (or perhaps add a config to customize the output eu/t and packet size?).
    (sorry for my english)

    After my latest update where I've boosted the generator again (see my previous post), I'm unlikely to create another tier for this generator. There are two reasons:
    1. Equivalency:
    This mod is designed to be the fuel equivalent of the geothermal generator. I.e. it is a relatively simple machine with a respectable power output that deals with liquids that require a bit of management.

    Also for those with an intrepid sense of adventure, a stack of fuel cans and a donkey, it is a formidable portable power solution for an outwards outpost given the minimal infrastructure needed. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this mod is the most EU you can pack into two slots of your inventory (stack of fuel cans and the generator).

    2. Redundancy:
    In my opinion there is a mod out there that provides what you might consider Tier 2 of this mod: Railcraft. Using a railcraft boiler with liquid fuel source and a turbine you'll end up with a greater EU output than this machine with about a 2.5x - 3x increase in efficiency. The downside is the considerable infrastructure required, which I think is sensible given the increase in total power out.

    As it's to me twice as expensive as a geogen, I think it should output 40 EU/t or more (because it also need a refinery, BC power, more pipes ...). I agree with the energetic values you've made, but please, make your generator output at least 30EU/t, or better, makes it configurable

    Not anymore ;) See last post.

    I think that the new value of 25 EU/t is more than enough, especially given the extreme portability of this system - you can now run an upgraded IC2 miner off this thing really quite easily and likely with power to spare, making it better than a Geothermal for that particular application. Given that it is now cheaper if you want more power output the solution would be to have a second Petroleum Generator (as you would do with a Geothermal). It only takes up a single block so the space overhead is minimal.

    0.14 update brings the following additions:

    • More better fuel power boost! - Fuel/oil now give 300k and 30k EU, respectively. Previous values were still over-nerfed considering they are non-renewable resources, making them unattractive compared to sources such as lava and biofuel.
    • Less shaving required!* - Increased the output to 25 EU/t for fuel so that you won't be sporting a five o'clock shadow by the time one bucket is consumed.
    • More simpler recipe! - was still complicated to build with some ingredients being third-(crafting)tier items. Costs now in line with Geothermal and TE Magma/steam engines - the Petroleum generators natural predators.
    • Pretty! - the texture of the block now differs if the generator is active - you can now see if you're burning the midnight oil at a glance.

    *Amount of shaving required is dependant on your career choice and, sometimes, gender.

    Note: You will need to delete your old drceph.petrogen.cfg file in the mine craft/config directory to use the new fuel values.

    Thanks for all the discussion guys. After those discussions and a bit of play-testing, v0.10 is out, with the following changes:

    • Fuel power boost! - Fuel/oil now give 200k and 30k EU, respectively. Previous values were over-nerfed considering they are non-renewable resources, making them unattractive compared to sources such as lava and biofuel.
    • Simpler recipe! - removed the circuit to bring the cost in line with other generators of similar power.
    • Redstone compatible! - giving the generator a redstone signal will stop EU emission (makes the generator IC2-y)

    As long as Pahimar can keep EE3 well-balanced, I see no reason to not use it other than tree-farming resource exploits. Course, for me, getting to diamonds takes 4 stacks of wood regardless (not including intermittent resource/energy costs), so it's not like it changes gameplay that harshly beyond making materials more interchangeable...

    (Which can be argued that that alone is a game changing mechanic, but most people arguing against that prefer 'sufferage' games where it's fun to 'struggle' for resources...)

    I should say I'm not an EE hater or anything, I just don't like the alchemy theme of it ;) Having a cobblestone generator (or tree farm) able to create diamonds did seem a bit 'off' to me. Having said that, I made a steves carts perpetual tree farm and was happy to use that and the thaumcraft duplicator in tandem, which is basically the same thing - although it required a couple of cool contraptions which seemed to justify it for me.

    I guess it's a matter of reaching the right difficulty/convenience level for the individual, which will naturally vary from person to person.