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    hey guys the GT noob is back.

    Im a little confused with how to do the simplest things in GT at the moment. My first task now that ive found a spot for my base is to make a generator, which requires steel plates or stainless steel plates to make the hull. Now to make the plates I need a plate bending machine or plate cutting machine for the steel plates (so thats a no go as I couldnt power it) and the stainless steel plates require an industrial blast furnace again I cannot power it as I cant make the basic power i missing something here or is this more NEI derpyness and theres a part recipe im not seeing?

    In leyman terms how does one make a generator from the get go?

    So you start with bronze machines (powered using steam)->bronze blast furnace->steel->generator (to make a metal plate you can use a hammer+2 metal bars)

    Question. Is there no use for purified silver dust or purified uranium? All the other ones have smelting usages but these dont.

    Also. How does one even get started with gregtech? I feel so lost. I usually go easy mode but I actually wanna try it this time but to craft anything feels like I need to craft something else which needs something else that I cant craft because I need something else to craft it. `.6.2. Just looking for some simple power to start but I need xyz for everything and its like @>@

    I can see why greg gets his hate for making the game arbitrarily hard without reason but I still wanna try it.

    hoho's guide:

    [Addon][IC² 1.106 - 1.118] GregTech-Addon: Taking Industry to a whole new Level of complexity!

    Do you realize how judgmental you're being over the way I play video games?

    Not to mention, you're being a little presumptuous. I didn't say 'I love spawning end-game items in creative mode'. I like progression. In vanilla Minecraft, it was minimal. From wood, to stone, to iron, to diamond. In IndustrialCraft it was a little better. Make a simple generator, upgrade to medium voltage. Maybe dabble in nuclear power. Eventually get cool UU Matter. That sort of thing. GregTech's progress has you do all the work up front, and then it gets a little easier later. GregTech has had some examples of good progress, like a more efficient way of making circuits with electrum (I believe this is no longer a part of the mod, save for using the assembly machine.) But the majority of GregTech is 'everything from this point on requires this new material'. And extra steps are being added all the time. It's not about 'laziness'. It's about 'I want to have fun, not do chores'. And I understand that certain people (Probably most of you guys, honestly.) derive fun from the resource management of it, but I think it could be designed to be a lot more enjoyable for a lot more people. (Including you guys.)

    As said, GregTech is made based on what Greg wants with the mod, if you think it's terribad please use the suggestion thread. Also, I think you have known that complaining won't get you anywhere (since this is not your first time complaining here), so better learn the new stuff or not playing GregTech at all.

    Guys, I sort of derped up, and added two overclockers to my grinder, which already had a transformer upgrade. I am putting in 512 eu/t, from a MFSU, and there are no other machines using the power, but it still says Insufficient Energy Line. Can anyone run the numbers, and tell me how much EU/t I need to put into it to get it working?

    128 * 4 * 4 = 2048 eu/t, my suggestion: just spawn a new one..

    @Kane, I was using the old method with diamond pickaxe, the quartz tools were there to substitute stone tools, those tools're taking too many space.

    @quartzplate, NOOOoo, ah nvm I've already passed through the stone age anyway :D, actually would be better if Greg nerf the diamond tools to require iron tools (iron tools+diamond powder = diamond tipped tools :D)

    That looks exactly the same like when I started my first 2 hours gameplay until I went to the nether and made some nether quartz tools :D

    I have a problem, automatic macerator, extractor & compressor have their non-automatic alternative recipes and non-automatic ones have no recipe at all, non craftable. What have i done wrong and how to fix this?

    gregtechrecipes {

    find this in the DynamicConfig.cfg

    Ok, I've tried this mod, here's my observations and suggestions:

    1. The industrial macerator etc only need 32 eu/t to run, am I correct? if so can you provide a config to increase this number, TBH they are pretty strong machines.
    2. Can you provide a config for more expensive recipe of condenser+its components? IMO, they are too cheap...

    And thanks for the mod..

    Hi Greg, just want to ask why didn't you change the recipe of diamond tools and armors (hammer/iron file)? Intended that way?

    Suggestion: Diamond armor = Iron armor with lots of diamond on its surface, so diamond armor = the usual recipe+iron armor/bronze armor at the empty slot.

    Im going to leave out my opinion on the mess out as I know people will shit all over it, but honestly, and I mean seriously, was the crash portion of his mod really necessary? Did the option of talking it out ever cross Greg's mind? You essentially punished the users and did jack squat to mdyo in the process, worst of all, I see zero remorse of fucking up innocent people's clients, all over a stupid change to wood.

    NB4 gregtech elitist calling me a retard/feed the fail user/ect. or some stupid insult.

    No not necessary, it's just his way to make sure the problem was solved asap, and crashing minecraft is not equal to fucking innocent people client, it doesn't corrupt your save world or anything. Do you want the summary of what really happened there? I can send you via pm..