[forum] Merging the "dead(er)" sections

  • So we've got 6 sections on the site, which should be very popular, but aren't.
    These are:
    Industrial Engineering
    - Electric Engineering
    - Nuclear Engineering
    - Agricultural Engineering
    - Tutorials

    My suggestion would be to change the layout to this:
    Engineering Help
    - Nuclear Engineering Designs and Help

    The engineering forum would be used to give people help with IC2 cabling and stuff. The nuclear engineering forum would be used for nuclear stuff (as it is now), and the media forum would be used for showing off peoples builds, tutorials, et cetera. I also think it would be cool to give other technical mods a place in these forums (providing IC2 is in someway related). While I'm sure some players use pure IC2 many of us use multiple mods, and these mods are generally similar (RP2, BC2, et cetera).

    These sections are by far my favorite, and it is a shame to see them so lonely.