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    I wish Albaka would let addons use adfly D:

    Why? They'll make virtually nothing off it and it'll be another minute or two spent downloading the mods (yes it's only "5 seconds" but if you've ever tried to download more than one thing you'll know how it spreads out as you refresh pages, wait for things to load, wait while redirects you, et cetera).

    A simple banner ad on your website could make far more money, especially if it's properly targeted at your audience (believe me, 90% of the Minecraft audience couldn't give two shits about paying off mortgages and the other 10% are probably clever enough to know it's a scam).

    Think about that for a minute. 16384 EU a tick, in 5 EU a tick packets, means you are sending 3276.8 packets a tick. A tick is 1/20th of a second, so you are sending 65536 packets a SECOND. That's a lot of CPU load on your computer.
    I just want to say that a quad core or even a duel core cpu can do Trillions or at least Billions of operations every second so 65536 is nothing.

    You misunderstand CPU's. The more important value for minecraft, is not the number of cores, but the speed, because minecraft will only ever use one core. And for trillions of operations per second, you would need a 1+ terahertz processor, which is absolutely ludicrous (or a 128 gHz octuple core, although you would only be able to use one core for MC) and most modern CPU's for desktops are around 3 gigahertz, so 3 billion 1/0's processed per second. Each of those 65536 packets uses something around 20,000 1/0's. so, 1.3 billion 1/0's. So almost half of a modern processor for one line, when you're already running a lot of operations at the same time. And the 20k is just an estimate, it might be more, might be less.

    Either way, there is technically a limit to the number of packets in a line, and given that you can't have a partial packet, packets in one line per tick are probably stored in an integer, so 2,147,483,647 packets. If you actually have a computer that can handle that many, you could probably sell it for several billion dollars, given that it has about as much processing power as a large server farm.
    I don't understand the inner workings of CPU as I haven't yet done a course, and I was only guessing, plus if you have optifine it spreads the load around the cores so core minecraft operations are on core 0 while everything else is on every other core.

    I don't understand the inner workings of CPU as I haven't yet done a course, and I was only guessing, plus if you have optifine it spreads the load around the cores so core minecraft operations are on core 0 while everything else is on every other core.

    CPU calculations aren't that straight forward, for example a Ivy Bridge processor is faster than a Sandy Bridge processor with the same amount of cores at the same clock speed.

    Also, I remember that Alblaka mentioned that once packets have established a route it's quite efficient. So I'm going to say that ENet uses some clever code so that it only needs to actually do calculations when it's modified (or maybe when packets move along a route for the first time).

    Well, the last offer I saw for English proofreading was (with the length of my story) ranging in the pricing of a 3 digit sum, not 'a few cups of coffee'. And I've no friend/relative/guy-who-owns-me-something who could be doing the proofreading, either.
    Except for Shalashalska of course, one of the IC forum users who spends his free time checking the stories for errors, albeit it of course takes time. Once he's done I will reupload AfterDusk, like I did with a few other stories before.

    Definitely need to improve my English though, if I still drop that many grammar errors all across the place :/
    And yes, was supposed to be 'no one'.

    Thanks for the critique, in either case.

    Your English is fine, and would work well if spoken. But it doesn't translate on to text very well, at the start it wasn't great but by the end it was practically up to the standard of a well educated person with English as their first language. Did you write this story over a long time (over witch your English improved) or do you take a while to get into the English mood?

    Amazing, as always Alblaka.

    The story line is good, the main issue I see is your spelling/grammar (which is obviously not your fault, German being your 1st language). If you got an editor (Aren't you at university? If so I'm sure there will be someone doing a English major/minor who would run it through for a few cups of coffee) I can see this selling on the Kindle store. It's a good book, perhaps a bit niche, but nice none the less.

    Also, when you say "noone" do you mean "no one" (as in no person) or "none" (as in a lack of something).


    The correct method to use is is probably ElectricItem.use which is basically the same as ElectricItem.discharge with backpack power supplying included.

    It should automatically update the item's damage value unless you are using ICustomElectricItem or the item's getMaxDamage() returns less than 3.

    MC will (afaik) replicate the new damage value to the client if the tool is in the currently active inventory slot. If it's not there, you have to update the inventory manually, e.g. with entityplayer.openContainer.updateCraftingResults().

    Ok, thanks Player. I'll try it.

    I'm using the latest version of the Industrial Craft API, and testing with the latest version of Industrial Craft off the 1.4.6 pre-release thread.

    I've got an item, which fires an arrow when used. It also looses 1000EU. This works fine, however the damage bar does not update when it's fired. If I put it in a charging device then it works fine (the bar updates and starts charging). I've tried using both ElectricTool.discharge and ElectricTool.use. What's the proper way to do this, is there another function I must run after?

    Try fixing one. It could be that a few minor issues are causing a lot of errors (think how simply renaming the world variable would create so many issues.

    :( I will stay on 1.2.5. My whole nuclair control system runs on redpower 2. And that is not avaible in that mod package.
    Is there no temporary fix for 1.2.5 that i can enable?

    Just change screw-up-cable-mechanics to false in the config (seriously? Why would their be a config option to fix a bug???). IC2 is now on 1.4.5, the devs have never provided backwards support in the past and I see no reason to (especially considering all the changes in 1.3.2).

    So, for anyone who doesn't know I have a cable loss calculator (in my sig).

    Now, I have Google Analytics running on this so I thought I'd share some data. It doesn't keep it for very long, and my website doesn't get much traffic but here's the brake up of the hits. I would consider these users to be more advanced, forum using, IC2 users:

    Country / Territory Unique Pageviews
    United States 112
    Netherlands 37
    United Kingdom 27
    Russia 25
    Ukraine 25
    Italy 23
    Germany 22
    Spain 12
    France 11
    Taiwan 11
    I've seen quite a lot of Czeck users, and Czeck has risen up recently (not displayed). Russia in the 4th place surprised me somewhat, it tells us Russians are far more interested in technical mods than people from other countries.

    Firstly remove the conflicting mods and start Minecraft.
    Open your inventory, turn on NEI using O if it isn't already there, click options, click "Item/Block ID..." then click "Dump ID Map Now". The name of the text file will appear in chat (like when you take a screenshot). Then open your .minecraft and open the text file. Scroll down to find the unused IDs and assing them using the config files to the new mods.

    IMPORTANT! Never change the IDs of an existing mod if you have built a world using it. Block IDs are used by savefiles, if the world you load was built with different block IDs then some blocks will change/disappear. It's fine to add new mods, but just don't change the item/block IDs of an existing mod you have installed and played with (unless you want to delete the world).

    Also, if you add, say IC2, on an existing world IC2's ores will not appear in areas of the world you have already explored. You need to far away from your base to generate the new ores. If you already are using mods like Forestry they will generate tin and copper as well which you use in IC2 recipies. I recommend you disable IC2's tin in the config file if this is the case (its annoying having lots of different ores, as they look different and don't stack together).

    i just had to copy the servers config folder to the clients


    A word of warning. Ubuntu like all Linux based OSes loads things in date order, not by alphabetical order. This means that mods don't load how you would expect them to having played on Windows. This is fine until you get dependent mods (like IC2 addons) which need to be loaded after their dependencies (which is why the zip for Zeldo's pipes (for example) starts with a "z", so it loads last on Windows). The easiest solution seems to be to get it working on Windows and then upload the files using FileZilla all at once.

    So we've got 6 sections on the site, which should be very popular, but aren't.
    These are:
    Industrial Engineering
    - Electric Engineering
    - Nuclear Engineering
    - Agricultural Engineering
    - Tutorials

    My suggestion would be to change the layout to this:
    Engineering Help
    - Nuclear Engineering Designs and Help

    The engineering forum would be used to give people help with IC2 cabling and stuff. The nuclear engineering forum would be used for nuclear stuff (as it is now), and the media forum would be used for showing off peoples builds, tutorials, et cetera. I also think it would be cool to give other technical mods a place in these forums (providing IC2 is in someway related). While I'm sure some players use pure IC2 many of us use multiple mods, and these mods are generally similar (RP2, BC2, et cetera).

    These sections are by far my favorite, and it is a shame to see them so lonely.

    They can be for example be killed by tesla coil, or when their armor is empty(Out of energy).

    You're not getting the point are you? Quantum is incredibly overpowered for PvP. Once you've got it you're indestructible. It's easy to keep it topped up (a few solars will do) and absorbs all damage. It's relatively easy to get very quickly, many people can get Quantum within 36 hours of play time.

    The best way is probably just to disable the crafting of a Quantum armor chest piece. Are you using Bukkit? If so there should be a plugin to disable the item.

    It was coded that way because I did NOT want to copy your casual "Item with own inventory for specific items"-concept. Though it's pretty much the only applyable concept nowadays, it seems :/

    I'd love the toolbox storing tools like this. Maybe it could have a specific slot for each tool?

    The idea of placing it isn't a bad one either...

    Actually a lot of these are valid threads making a good point. Some of them are impossible (sadly) and some of them should really be implemented. So stop acting like the posts here are all shit. It seems we shoot down a lot of genuinely good ideas.

    The only way to stop these suggestions is to completely isolate yourself as Eloraam has done. But I'm sure DW20 and many others still get spammed with suggestions for RedPower to pass on to Eloraam. Not a good idea in the slightest.

    Really we need to delete bad threads immediately. Just get them out of the way.

    When RP2 is updated you could try using the RP2 tubes with the regulator, it puts things into stacks of a specified size so they don't create as much lag (I believe stacked items are just a single entity).

    Think of the amount of BC energy you get from this... God.

    One of the main reasons ideas get shot down on this board is because people seem to think it is a general suggestion board for Minecraft. Probably about 50% of the stuff on here is barely related to IC2, and should be a whole new mod. It seems the few good ideas (like the torch gun, *wink* *nudge*) get buried in "add space" and "moar tres" suggestions. Compared to these, lightning rods are a perfectly legitimate suggestion (apart from the fact they have been suggested so many times).