Installing a 1.3.2 server

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do I no longer need to modify minecraft_server.jar to run IC2? The server installaton directions changed from "add ModloaderMP" etc to "just proceed as usual." Without mentioning forge or anything else.

    I'd just test it out, but I have server guys in Texas on it and I'd like to deliver them something working the first time.

  • Just grab Forge 318, put minecraft_server.jar next to it, put IC2 in the mods/ folder, and tell java to use the forge zip as a jar (java -jar This will work with any Forge >= 315, even. Lesser Forges require being installed in the jar, but you didn't say anything about 1.2.5. Bukkit may be different. know, the usual (yes, I am being facetious).

  • I know, I know, but you're talking about setting servers up for people and 1.2.5 still... exists... so it was a distinction worth making. :)