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    Make scrap better

    So I have to apologize, I thought you were telling us to get better at making scrap and I snapped at you.


    Personally, i really don't care much about the scrap problem, you can always make more and more farms of any crap you can think of.

    The problem is scrap's value is so tiny now relative to the amount of power required that no reasonable number of farms matters. Also making scrap farms requires a large investment of time and a certain knowledge of game mechanics that beginners often don't have. IC is supposed to be about enriching the minecraft world with technology, not seeing how hard you can exploit game mechanics.

    Holy crap this quote system sucks

    IC, like all other tech mods are designed to work BEST when with other tech mods, like BC, RC, forestry, GT...

    @universal macerator : GregTech block, answering Chocohead's question.

    Want a stupid block (cobble) generator using only IC²? Use the miner alongside vanilla cobble generators. I just said, use your mind :3

    I have been using my mind. I devised an I think really quite cute (yet large) egg farm for the purpose. Which I already mentioned. It's a stupid small drop in the EU bucket.

    You're suggesting using miners. Can you do the math on the EU and time required to mine, say, one million blocks with X number of regular or diamond miners? I think if you do you won't be willing to defend that idea.

    So... yeah. Can I complain about this awful endgame?

    99% of MC players don't have the patience required to fully enjoy an endgame that requires 40 diamonds for an MFSU and 3.520 billion EU for the simplest piece of iridium equipment. I have 2 full reactors and a 64-panel solar going and I've produced 2 pieces of iridium ore in the last 2 days, and I'm just about bored with minecraft. I will never even see an Iridium drill.
    You can say "well make a scrapgen" but first, that's kind of exploitative, so that shouldn't be a demand. But I don't really care, so I would if I could, but I couldn't figure out a good way to make an infinite scrapgen using the mix of mods we're running. No redpower breakers, so I'm using chicken eggs. Not ideal to say the least.
    Second, scrap boost didn't scale with the 10 million Eu matter nerf, so you need about 30 stacks of scrap for one matter, or 1320 stacks for an iridium.
    That's completely useless. Not even a large quarry could be expected to produce the scrap required for one of the minimum 8 pieces of ore you'd need for a piece of iridium equipment.

    So now the guy who went around and killed all the dungeons in the area has full quantum gear and everyone else has nothing. It's true we could go spelunking too, but I'd rather do it with science - even if it's harder. As it is now, it's not harder. It's impossible.

    The 4 diamond = crystal thing is being dealt with with a dispenser that gives energium dust for a single diamond. Hardly ideal either. Murdering that recipe after it's been unchanged since early versions of IC1 is... not brilliant.

    I don't fault ya'all for spending enough time with minecraft and IC that EU requirements in the billions makes sense. It's a fun game. But not all of us can play that long.

    Can we roll that back before the "experimental" prefix goes away, please?

    Well, yes, it uses at least one fertilizer for every crop thing in its range immediately.

    But even once they're all fertilized it goes though fertilizer stupidly fast. You need a pretty high output scrap generator to even think about keeping them fed for more than a couple hours.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do I no longer need to modify minecraft_server.jar to run IC2? The server installaton directions changed from "add ModloaderMP" etc to "just proceed as usual." Without mentioning forge or anything else.

    I'd just test it out, but I have server guys in Texas on it and I'd like to deliver them something working the first time.


    I think you'll find that the point is still valid due to the simple nature as to how and why UU-Matter is designed. When it was introduced, it was a game changing mechanic that made seeking high yield energy production worthwhile. If you keep in mind that this was during IC1, you can clearly see how keeping such a 'new thing' was meant to be challenging and secretive as to inspire a bit of adventure for scientific endeavor within the game...

    Yeah, I remember; I first used IC a few days after the mass fab was added. But that was.... what? I don't even know. A couple years ago probably. I don't understand how you figure that keeping mechanics added years ago a secret makes your point valid.

    And I'm not suggesting a single thing that "goes against the nature" of the mod. I'm simply suggesting that it does the exact same thing it does now... except better. Which is why I consider it a worthy suggestion.
    Like, you know, how the nuclear reactor does the same thing now as it did in IC1... except better.
    Or the geothermal.
    Or the mining laser.
    Or wires themselves.

    Keeping the exact same mechanics while adding a GUI is my suggestion... and that relates to Tekkit's exploitation how? It doesn't. "But it's supposed to be a secret" is simply one of the most often quoted defenses against suggestions like this one, and in light of Tekkit's exploitation, one that simply no longer makes sense. It only appears as if their wiki has better documentation than ours.

    *reads suggestion*
    *sees the words 'Tekkit', 'EE', and 'secret iz a joke'*

    You're a moron... UU-Matter functions are fine. I kinda don't even bother with them because I find other ways to get what I need, and know the value of resourcefulness to achieve my means...

    Besides, UU-Matter is a joke compared to EE anyway because of how broken EE is... If you want to take UU-Matter seriously, then uninstall EE and play without it.

    You're the moron. Nowhere did I say I actually use EE; I'm just familiar with the interface on the EE machines. Nor do I use tekkit, and I even spell "is" correctly.

    I mean, seriously? If you're going to throw out insults - which is fine, I do it on occasion, you should:
    1. Learn English
    2. Learn to fucking read it
    3. Re-read the post you're insulting to make sure you're not about to make a huge ass of yourself.

    I give your post a 0/10, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Yeah I basically loathe EE in most situations. It can be fun, but it basically throws resource management right out the window, which is what made me like Minecraft from day 1. Definitely makes IC 98% pointless. I mean, wow, you've made electricity in minecraft - what are you going to do with it? Run a macerator? Fuel a jetpack? Make a diamond? Why, when your arrays do all that a thousand times better? I'm pretty sure EE has a teleport too, and if it doesn't, it doesn't matter because you fly at mach 7 anyway.

    I use EE once in a while, start a new world, and then get bored 25 minutes later when all my roads are paved with diamond blocks.

    You dumb bint, that's like saying agriculture should be removed from IC because it doesn't relate to industry. It's the name of the mod, a name that happens to be more idiomatic than literal; "rocket science" meaning, in the vernacular, very advanced science/mathematics concepts of any type, hence "it's not rocket science" meaning "it's not hard to understand."

    I hope Kensington comes back :(