Copper cable not transfer more than 2 blocks energy?

  • Hi everyone i got a problem

    i placed an batbox and wired it directly to an solar panel like this

    Solar Panel: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :Batbox: but the batbox won't filled with energy.

    if i place it like this then it works.

    Solar Panel: :Cable: :Cable: :Batbox:

  • Is it copper cable with rubber?

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • You really just opened up 2 almost-exactly-the-same topics for this?

    Anyway, what version of IC2 are you using: 1.109.113;; or; If you're not using 1.109.113, I suggest updating to that-it's more stable than any of the other ones. All of the remaining bugs are pretty minor, and yours probably got fixed somewhere in there.

    If you are using 1.109, TO THE BUGTRACKER!