• This would be kind of cool, as well as revolutionary towards the IndustrialCraft development timeline. Basically, the whole jist is that you could somehow touch upon the 'Taint and (whatever the good stuff is that I forget's name)' throughout ThaumCraft by creating an inverter that converts the EU delivered at the input into some other kind of system, bad or good. I know, this is very general, but I just thought I'd bring it up to add a bit more dexterity to the mod. (No idea what that word means, but I guess it's fitting, lol.) :P For example, maybe the inverted EU can be used as electricity, and maybe start up a different side of IC2, as well as the implementation of precipitation, condensation, and evaporation, somehow. I'm not a modded, so I don't know to what extent this is, but either way from a gaming point of view, I'm sure a lot of us would love to see this. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope thus goes into a slight or somewhat consideration.

    -Rate my writing skillz? :P

  • Modder* Sorry, auto correct has a mind of it's own. It's somewhat like: 'Ok, plural becomes singular, rotate vowel positioning, and eliminate all words ending in "er" or "ing" with the total opposite cr@p.'

    Yeaaa buddeh, that's pre' much 't. :D

  • Thaumcraft 3 isn't really settled yet, and I'm sure Azanor has ideas for working with Flux. Also, I wouldn't base any large bit of IC2 on a mod that may or may not be installed in other people's games. As for being sure a lot of us would love to see this, I don't seem to be in that group. Though that does make me think it might be interesting to have Flux have some kind of effect on machines/cables...

    ...dammit, no, I already have two large addon projects going. And TC3 isn't really settled yet, as I said!

  • Not exactly what I meant, but sure. I don't know where you found the immense similarity between Thaumcraft 3 and IndustrialCraft 2, especially since I was referring to Thaumcraft 2, the current one. In that group or not, I'm not sure you fully understand the concept of this, which is not to start up a world where EU can start to colour the grounds; no. That's what Thaumcraft has done. I'm merrily suggesting a broad term in where there's another side to the mod, not just all primarily focused on EU. Now, I also have not fully explored this mod to it's extent YET, so if there is anything already similar to this, my bad.

  • Thaumcraft 2, current? I'm sorry, we must be running completely different Minecraft versions. See, when you said Thaumcraft, I really thought you were referring to the one that came out just a couple of weeks ago, not the one that's been finished and un-updated for several months.

  • "And then Hobbycraft set down his pickaxe and dropped to his knees, praying the holy Alblaka would bless him with the Industrialforce. But Ablaka, not being the merciful sort of deity, decided that his idea was bollocks and dropped the Hammer of Banning upon him..."

    also, it's spelled gist.

    One of the things that makes Industrialcraft an industrial mod is that it has nothing to do with anything mystical whatsoever, no potions, no enchantments, just cold hard industrial unforgive-ness.

    Now, you could suggest an addon for some strange device that happens to specifically affects the node/vis/flux of an area, maybe something like an Ozone regulator or something (something like that might conceivably reduce Flux in an area at an expense of power, enabling you to do more magic stuff).