Suggestion: Higher max. current for glass fibre cables

  • Hey together.

    I'd like to make a suggestion. Wouldn't it be better if there were cables with even higher current than glass fibre cables? Or glass fibre cables itself with increased current? Because - if you have got e.g. an industrial park or an entire city - you migth not wanna use two or ore cables for each and every house. Anyway: where am I supposed to place all of those?

    Would be awesome in each case...
    Maybe this questin / suggestion is useless because it is already adjustable? And if yes - then where?

    EDIT: I think don't need to mention, but this of course would require a MFSU NOT exploding when connected to such a cable and it has to take much more eu per tick...
    It dosen't need to be a permanent change. It would be ok if I could set the values for EACH Block in the cfg-file, just as the value for nuke explosion radius or the energy yield of the generators!


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  • Cables are fine as they are in my opinion. However if you want a super cable, use GregTech superconductorwire which carries any voltage without any loss (and its very expensive).
    To wire a city use glass fiber + transformers.
    Link to GregTech in my signature =D

  • According to the wiki,


    The most expensive, and the most efficient very little distance-related energy loss. They tolerate currents up to High Voltage (512 EU/t).

  • i also want superconductiong cable machine that generate diamonds for free and other stuff to make game creativelike but no.

    game expected to be HARD, or at least not soo easy, current system is very bad, but you want to make it worse...