Past Future

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    I felt like writing this story for a long time now. And finally managed to write it down.
    WARNING! The story is some sort of (extremely short) summary of my "Die Rückkehr der Drachen" trilogy (the book I've written and published, in Germany).
    As such a reader of the mentioned book could see parallels and it would as well spoiler the end of the trilogy.

    Effectively, this story links up my book to the world all my short storys take place in, and as well (in a ridicolous and horribly wrong way) explains how 'Daina' (and everything related to it) is not just a fantasy world, but actually an 'alternate reality'.
    If you read 'The Demonlord Chronicles', you will as well, eventually, find some clues to link up for yourself in this story.

    Be advised this story is not exactly a real 'novel' but more of an 'novelish informative explanation'. Nontheless worth to be read if you're interested in my stories, but probably entirely boring to everyone else.