[64X, 128X, 256X] IC2 addition for LB Photo Realism

    Here is Industrial Craft 2 mod addition to the legendary LB PHOTO REALISM - the best realistic texturepack!
    I had inspired by LB Photo Realism pack and drawn this IC2(x256, 1.8.1 at the time) textures 1,5 years ago.

    The reason I showed the texture just now - almost immediately, the new ic2 1.0 was coming, with a completely unsuitable textures structure, archive came weight 5 times more so minecraft just was shutting down down by trying to upload it. Now I find the time to deal with it and:
    - Update it for IC2 1.2.5+
    - Create x128 and x64 resolutions
    - Finish armor and items part perfectly

    Why I can afford myself to say that these textures are more better than others:
    - Clearly, realistic and proper look
    - HD resolutions up to x256
    - 100% finished work

    - Archive includes IC2 textures and item fix for the main texturepack (some of items come across a piece of /arent suitable for further work on them)
    - I exhausted myself trying to draw nano and quantum armor, and found no other way to use IRON MAN and TRON-IRON MAN fantastic skin textures from
    Necessarily look at this topic to see another incredible skins HERE!

    Some screenshots:


    Just simply drag the files from the downloaded archive to your LB Photo Realism texturepack archive.
    1.4.6 LB PR packs look HERE

    x256 IC2 1.4.6 addon:

    ATTENTION! Minecraft may just shut down when trying to upload x256 textures.
    If you can prevent or know how to by anyway - allocating more RAM/modifying texture files' structure/optimizing my *.pngs - PLEASE contact me, and I will add instructions to this point/try to implement your ideas.

    x128 IC2 1.4.6 addon:

    x64 IC2 1.4.6 addon:

    I have not found 1.3.2-1.2.5 oficcial LB PR downloads, so I decided to download them from other sources and combine with an addon to the finished.

    x256 1.3.2 full texturepack:

    x128 1.3.2 full texturepack:

    x64 1.3.2 full texturepack:

    x256 1.2.5+ full texturepack:

    x128 1.2.5+ full texturepack:

    x64 1.2.5+ full texturepack:

    To tell the truth, I am 17 years old self-taught amateur from Ukraine (You might notice this in my lame English) and it's my first serious work - I spent almost a month there from morning to night every day. So if youunderstand the delicate time and effort put into these packs, If you want to support me in the beginning of this way and to see BC2, RP2 etc. addons soon - I will be very grateful

    Distribution support:
    1) If you liked my textures - please, share them with your friends - unfortunately, now this IC2 addon is very little known.
    2) There is no videos about my textures. You can be first. If you decided to do, please contact me and I would pleased to add your video to this texture description.
    3) You may share a link to this thread everywhere you want, and make review of my textures on your site
    Donations are more than welcome. My family isn't very provided, so I will appriciate every cent that you will send.
    Now I have Webmoney only, but if you going to support me in convenient for you way only - feel free to contact me and I will tune my under you.
    So, WM: Z404792624867

    Help with the thread design:
    If you want to help me with this and know how to, just contact me.

    Also. Crops and GUIs aren't completed yet.
    I promise that when I will have at list 500 downloads, I will finish it.
    + If if I've got about at least 100$, I will draw BC2 and RP2 addons too.

    Have any problems or questions? Think that its nice textures? Notice something wrong with it?
    Please reply to this thread - every post is as gold for me

  • i dont install industrial craft 2 because the normal textures looks bad with photo realism 256.
    but then i readed your post, i installed it an it looks perfectly, very good work.

    but what exactly your mean with "addon" ?
    is this a texture pack addon for photo realism or you mean the industrial craft 2 addons with gregtech or something?
    i mean, are the industrial craft 2 addons are also with your texture pack?

    i am not so good at english, i am italy ;)

  • amazing work,

    looks like very few things are missing. Ill be telling everyone on the server I run to dl this.
    missing sprites: reactor components (various)
    hazmat suit
    compressed air cell

    keep up the great work

  • Fantastic pack! I am very happily using it with LP Photo Realism, the best most realistic texture pack I have seen. Are we looking at an update for Minecraft 1.5 and the newest IC2 version?

  • Oh, Gregtech!
    Thanks a lot, In last few days, I just have decided to do textures for it within a month
    should I keep you posted?

    GregTech , an IC2 addon that has much more features and stuff than IC2. Click the banner image of my signature to go to its thread on this forum.

  • Wow looks so nice !

    But without gregtech and Buildcraft i cant use it :(

    Beschwert euch über mein Englisch bei Google :P