Afterdusk [101 pages of Sci-Fi]

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    Be advised, this story is much more a fully-fledged novel then a shortstory, sporting 100 pages of written action, emotions and retarded humour. Oh, and fun references!
    As well, I'm inclined to mention that, as so often, the story contains themes and content eventually not suitable for younger audiences, for example, but not limited to:
    Gore, Severe Gore, Brutality, (implicit) Nudity and other mature content
    You know, the usual stuff. Just don't read the story if you got to throw up everytime you read the word 'blood'.

    Regarding the content, 'Afterdusk' is a sole standing title unrelated to any other story I've written before.
    It plays in the near future, namely 'after the Dusk', a global catastrophe caused by an meteor impact which... oh well, just read it yourself, the setting is explained quite fine in the Prolog.
    In a world of lies and illusions, where the high society controls everything, even everyday's life, a young soul decides to break the eternal circle, using a chance that turns out to be much, much more then she had ever dared to ask for. But with power comes responsibility... and with this power comes a danger threatening not just her or those surrounding her, but mankind and may even the universe as whole...