Reactor - steam output issues

  • Basically, trying something new in my SSP world. EU production using the turbine from railcraft.

    Now, the problem I have is that I don't feel it worth to create everything already when I now that with standard config settings your average eu is a lot lower than using nuclear eu - with a significantly higher cost I might add.

    So, I wondered; does the nuclear reactor in steam mode output more steam if I change my config setting to, for example, 20?

  • the point of steam reactors is to ADD complexity and make it MORE difficult, but to answer your question the steam production is 1eu/t = 3.2mB/t, whatever you set the generation multiplier at the steam production will follow I REALLY suggest using a direct connection via placement on a valve block of a railcraft steam tank or multiple connections of liquiducts (1 duct per 320mb of steam/tick produced) or you wont be able to transport the steam causing a bottleneck

    you even get a direct output buff if you use industrial steam engines + MJ>EU transformer (at the default 2.5) instead of a turbine that effectively converts at 1.5625

    ( a 100eu/t reactor produces enough steam to run 1 turbine at 100eu/t, but in steam engines this amount of steam produces 64MJ, which then converts at the transformer ratio to 160eu/t, a 60% increase) that is unless you balance the transformers mod to railcrafts standards at 1.5625 ( a ratio of 16:25) or make it easier for a little loss at 2:3 (1.5)