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    What's the range trigger do again? :P I should know, but I've never needed to touch that part of the code much. Going to look into the remote monitor.

    you put a eu monitor card in and set two values in the gui, as it goes above the first higher values it emits redstone, and only stops when it goes below the second lower value, and visa versa, it can also be reversed to emit when below the second low value and stop once it goes back above the first higher value

    id basically like to be able to read a tanks value in the same way

    atm i use 2 with my AFSU to stop my reactor when it gets above 960mil eu and start the reactor again when it dips below 800mil, same for my massfabs, stops them when it gets under 40mil and starts them again once it gets over 160mil

    i was wanting to use it with the buffer drums for my reactor, stopping the reactor once the buffer drum gets below 64,000mB and start again once it goes over 128,000mB, for now i use comparators from project red but the range trigger has far more control, im sure theres plenty of other uses to measure and control fluid levels in any tank the liquid sensor kit is compatible with.

    also while you're there. the range trigger gui messes up as you invert its function. one of the values goes negative and you have to set it positive again using the +- buttons.

    hey while you're fixing up nuclear control any chance to get the range trigger working with the liquid sensor card too? (triggering on millibuckets sensed instead of eu)

    also the remote monitor (and maybe other blocks) dont update redstone output when you change the polarity of the sensor in the gui, you need to force a block update on the redstone next to it for the change to manifest

    Two questions though regarding the reactor:

    1. The reactor GUI shows heat output units in hU/s. Is it actually hU/t and do we just for all intents and purposes treat it as hU/t?

    2. Just to confirm: 1hU turns 1mB of coolant into hot coolant?

    1: its Hu per "reactor tick" and thats per second, so the actual per minecraft tick is 1/20th of that (not counting a tps drop due to server load)

    2: yup, a 800 hu/s reactor needs 800 mb/s of fluid transfer on hot and cold coolants to keep up with the reactor, thats 40mb/t

    rebuilt my microcycle reactor as the main ic2 powerplant for my base (secondary is treefarm + 2 ethanol RC boilers with RC turbines)

    so far its ran though 6 cycles without issue from the reactor. the steam kinetic generators however dont seem to like EIO conduits for steam transfer. sometimes fucks up a quick wrench remove and replace fixes that though


    control system has two limiting factors to the main duty cycle of 40s on 38s off.
    If the AFSU is getting full it shuts off at the next cycle end, and goes cold until the AFSU goes under 800mil then it starts up again
    If the cold coolant drum gets below 32 buckets the system instantly shuts off and resets with a 78s cooloff to give time for the steam system to use up some of the buffered hot coolant then starts another microcycle as normal.

    Since the system produces more heat than the steam generators use this happens every now and then as a normal operation. (1600hu usage and around 1680 average output on the reactor after the duty cycle)

    The steam system has 8 boilers producing 100mb/t of super-steam transferred via EIO conduits to 3 kinetic turbines 2 superheated steam each getting 400mb/t and 1 normal steam in the middle getting 800mb/t, each super heated turbine makes 400eu/t and the secondary turbine makes around 399eu/t theres also two condensers with 4 heat vents each above and below the secondary turbine.

    a extra utilites item transfer node keeps the kinetic generators stocked with fresh turbines as they fail

    Theres 256 buckets of coolant in the system with a pair of drums for buffer, also a drum worth distilled water for buffer and i top it up with another 10-20 buckets from the solar distiller outside my base every 24 hours or so.

    next to the fuel chest is a button that sets a state cell to stop the flow of hot coolant on a manual start to allow a small buildup in the hot buffer drum so the steam system goes straight to superheated steam once flow resumes instead of fluctuating while the system builds a buffer

    i manually process the uranium for now from a chest with item conduit that refills and pulls out spent fuel, once i use up all my uranium il be running cold mox in this system until i get enough plutonium for a 60k cell CRCS EU mox reactor + cooling towers using applied energistics for the cell transfer

    The electrical evaporator does not behave as it should if it is fed more than 32eu/p (using transformer upgrades or the output of a lv transformer that now outputs 128eu/t unless the display is wrong) it seems to void power when running if you do so, for now i have a batbox adjacent to it to limit its input

    it would be great to see buildcraft gates compatible (switching patterns?) - also for reactor - space for fluid cells are reported as space in inventory :/ can't it be done in a way so those slots are not taken as inventory (all upgrade slots) ?

    hijacking this thread about buildcraft gates and fluid levels in the reactor wont help. make a new thread for that or use the bugtracker if you think its a bug,

    I would like to see the replicator having a redstone control feature ( i see that it can use the redstone inverter upgrade but i have had no response from it with it in or not with redstone on/off)

    i suggest that on a redstone signal the replicator starts a single run of whatever it has set to produce, if the redstone signal stops before it finishes the item it continues for that run then stops, if the signal is still on when it finishes its current run it starts another, therefore any single pulse shorter than the runtime causes a single item to be produced, and a constant signal causes the replicator to run consonantly, with the inverter upgrade ofc inverting this effect (always running unless recieve signal, finishs current item then shuts off until signal turns off)

    Said reason is weight. Aluminium is way lighter than copper, thus huge thick wires are possible.

    generally the fattest said cables get to is ~1cm of aluminium surrounding high tensile steel, any more aluminium than that and its just wasted, skin effect keeps most of the current flowing through the outer portion (aluminium) and thickening the whole cable past that point only has a partial affect on decreasing the voltage drop across the run of the cable (something*something/piRsquared, need to go dig out my copy of BS215-2:1970)

    I find that Mox works well for a 5x5 crcs since the hull heat can be set to around 65% then the increased heat the Mox puts out goes into the cells you just make sure you have enough 5x5 cooling reactors to pull heat from the cells into the fluid. I use one reactor for the Mox and cells and six cooling reactors (total average output is around 6000 HU/s

    Does anyone have a video or a couple of pictures they can post of how this works? I tried building the setup as described below but the hatch doesn't appear to be working. I'm on the experimental version of IC2 for 1.7.10 so was this posted only for 1.7.2? or is it working only in certain versions of the experimental right now? Any additional information would be great on this.


    EDIT: ok so I didn't realize I had to have a full reactor with all six chambers. I had been just running the reactor with a small setup. So, my new questions after playing with this are:
    1.) is there any way to pump coolant in other than in cells? and if not;
    2.) is there any way to pump out the cells only? we have a system setup that drops new coolant cells in but i can't pump the empties out... instead it pumps out the uranium and such... i'd prefer something a little more automated if possible.

    1: yes, 2 fluid ports (one cold coolant in one hot coolant out) + liquid transport mod. i use extra utilities because of its immense flow rate if properly configured and upgraded (well over 8000mb/t) and good reactors need immense flow rates, although for the usual badly configured pissant little 1 efficency mark 1 reactors people love to make something like buildcraft or tubes mod might work, ic2 has its own fluid transport methods now but they are very clumsy, resource heavy, and honestly not worth using at all

    2: if you are going the cell route, USE FILTERS ON YOUR OUTPUT all item transport mods worth installing have this feature hopefully fully configurable whitelist/blacklist like AE2 or Extrautilties. connecting a non filtered item extraction to a reactor is just asking for trouble (read: huge basewreaking explosions), with the right fitlersetup you can automate refueling too,

    3: learn to forum please. dont necro 2 month old threads with an innane and easily answered question. if you had read the nuclear engineering subforum and looked at a couple of threads you would have your answers much earlier than me replying.

    self determination requires forthright self reliance.

    self determination requires forthright self reliance.

    just had a flash of brilliance if i might say so myself,

    if there is not a lead plant yet i suggest one is added, i also suggest the name of "plum bulb"

    iv had my pun here il just leave before i take some lead

    yup its been done, iv made 5x5 reactor CRCS systems in a couple of test worlds after seeing a post by someone else in the 5x5 reactor thread. in reality they are not as good material wise as a full OC vent microcycle reactor (see my posts in The new 5x5 IC² Reactor) and the current mods that can automate the CRCS are lacking (basically ae and maybe project red but i never got PR to transfers the cells at the damage amounts set properly)

    you CANNOT heat cells in a normal EU reactor then cool them in a coolant reactor to double dip on EU, if you heat a cell (or any componant for that matter) in a EU reactor it wont let you put it into a coolant reactor until it has lost all damage (heat) that was gained in the eu reactor. it even has a tooltip that says so, devs are way ahead of you there :)

    if you want to automate a reactors on/off cycles use project red. its the boss with timers, state cells, comparators that read/compare much more accurately. and the nuclear control addon is getting updated too its still basic, but works alright for a few things

    I have found that since the electric heat generator had its eu cost increased (i assume so you cant chain eu heat gen > boiler > turbines for infinite eu), that the EU used to produce the biogas from 1 fermenter + electric heat generator (10 coils) does not produce a viable energy profit when the biogas produced is burned in semifluid gens, i propose that the fermenter converts more biomass > biogas per HU used, preferably by the same increase that the electric heat generator got its EU cost increased, it was just about balanced before.

    well my old one blew up from lack of coolant (derped the comparator setup) i have rebuilt it in a flatgrass world

    also rebuilt the system using stirlings this time since the steam system isnt worth the constant refined iron cost for a meager HU>EU, and if theres nowhere to put the EU, the stirlings will stop using coolant and thus shut off the reactor, not wasting full HU like the steam system does if the MFSU is full

    edit: it may(probably will) still blow up. it aint perfected but its close enough to get the idea…

    you will NEED: forgemultipart, extrautilites 1.1.0e, project red, Ic2 580, and any prereqs for those. other versions may work. but these are what its built with

    there will be the "you dont have mods" error on loading the save for other mods i have installed so long as you have the ones i listed you should be ok to ignore it

    I have built a fairly effective microcycle reactor, 1640 HU/T connected via buffer drums to a 800HU (600eu/t) Steam turbine set
    its controlled with project red by monitoring the levels in the cold buffertank along with a forced minimum duty cycle (15s on 60s off). a PR comparator reads the cold fluid drum (binary empty or not) that feed into a control system with a lever for personal control.

    the turbine set is 8 heat exchangers feeding 4 steam generators, (set to 1mb 221bar) the superheated steam from these feed 2 chained pairs of turbines and one condenser (with 4 heat vents)