MikeCraft 1.4.7 [IC2][BC][Forestry][Railcraft][and more]

  • Hello I am Mike and the MikeCraft server is now back online after the downtime for exams and maintainance. Currently we still have a fair sized community but I am extending an open invitation for players to submit applications and come join us.

    The community has agreed that we should have BC, Forestry, Railcraft and Industrial Craft as well as a large list of other mods but we are still open to suggestions for additional content.

    Also even though we have multiple mods installed vanilla builders or people new to the mods are still welcome on the server as some of the current members are fans of simply building with vanilla more than the mods and would welcome the company of other vanilla builders.

    Important Info
    MC version: 1.4.7
    Uptime: 24/7
    Gametype: Survival
    TimeZone: UTC-5 Eastern Canada/US
    Server Geography: Ontario, Canada
    Language of choice: English only please.
    IP: MikeCraft.dnsdynamic.com
    Whitelist: We may start using one shortly.

    Rules: https://docs.google.com/docume…JmFUs0zArR_Za_vxkSMI/edit

    We are still looking for some solo players or other small communities who might be interested in helping to add some life to our world. At the moment we have a mix of aesthetic and functional builders as well as adventurers.

    If you are interested please email me at mike.epsilon@gmail.com
    It would help to include a little bit about yourself if you can think of anything to add to the application.

  • I just wanted to post we are still alive and I was hopeful that with the march break upon us that some new players would be interested in giving our server a try.

    Everyone is welcome so long as they respect the rules and don't cause drama with the existing players.

    Regarding people inviting friends, please make sure you ask me (Mike/Epsilon), the server should be able to hold a fair number of people but I am not certain where I will place the cap to maintain server performance.

    I would prefer people email but I will check back on this thread every so often to answer any questions.