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    I spend about an hour looking for 4.7b server version for server I play with 2 friends, and we want advanced machines. I found client and bukkit port, but not vanilla server! Can anyone give me a hand where is that link, or am i just blind :-\

    I don't think it says it in the file name but like a fair number of mods the single file is an universal version so it should work on the server as well.

    I just wanted to post we are still alive and I was hopeful that with the march break upon us that some new players would be interested in giving our server a try.

    Everyone is welcome so long as they respect the rules and don't cause drama with the existing players.

    Regarding people inviting friends, please make sure you ask me (Mike/Epsilon), the server should be able to hold a fair number of people but I am not certain where I will place the cap to maintain server performance.

    I would prefer people email but I will check back on this thread every so often to answer any questions.

    Hey buddy i just want to report a bug -snipped-

    It would help if you could post version numbers. I couldn't replicate the issue using versions that were up to date from this weekend.

    hahahha yeah sure, i dont really keep updated on the betas cause im lazy :P ill update as soon as i can :)

    I don't think there needs to be a compatibility update, I've been able to run this addon on MC 1.4.7 with the newer IC2 versions without issue as far as i can tell.
    I honestly didn't even realize I had updated beyond 112 as I just grabbed the latest build from the server while updating other mods.

    Hello I am Mike and the MikeCraft server is now back online after the downtime for exams and maintainance. Currently we still have a fair sized community but I am extending an open invitation for players to submit applications and come join us.

    The community has agreed that we should have BC, Forestry, Railcraft and Industrial Craft as well as a large list of other mods but we are still open to suggestions for additional content.

    Also even though we have multiple mods installed vanilla builders or people new to the mods are still welcome on the server as some of the current members are fans of simply building with vanilla more than the mods and would welcome the company of other vanilla builders.

    Important Info
    MC version: 1.4.7
    Uptime: 24/7
    Gametype: Survival
    TimeZone: UTC-5 Eastern Canada/US
    Server Geography: Ontario, Canada
    Language of choice: English only please.
    Whitelist: We may start using one shortly.


    We are still looking for some solo players or other small communities who might be interested in helping to add some life to our world. At the moment we have a mix of aesthetic and functional builders as well as adventurers.

    If you are interested please email me at
    It would help to include a little bit about yourself if you can think of anything to add to the application.

    No, is intended to have more, but I'm worried that when switching that there would be a possibility of overusing the tool. I haven't tested it what does happen , so I'll work on that soon

    I guess I should have clarified but I didn't want to assume anything.
    From my standpoint the power usage for multiblock is good but when it is the same for single block it makes that drill the most expensive by a fair bit.

    Added Feb 02 2013.
    Is silktouch on activated drill fixed in the current release?
    Looking at the OP, it says that silk touch on active drill mode is fixed in version 0. cool ?
    I tried in 0.7.3 using a drill I enchanted with the NEI menu and it didn't seem to work as I got one block from the center and the rest just vanished as far as I could tell.

    I wouldn't load up your 1.4.5 world with 1.4.6 until you have the full set of mods you used before. I am not an expert on the subject but I am almost certain all the mod blocks including the ores and mod items would be missing from the world and inventories and I do not know if it would repair the damage and replace the missing stuff when the mod was readded as it may just purge the blank ids from the save.

    You might be able to trick the game by adding a different mod(s) with those same block and item id numbers to act as place holders but that is no where near as good of an idea as just waiting for the mods to update.

    I have the same question as above, but also would like to know, you say here "The server must have a set of rules or any sort of guidelines"

    Does that mean it can't be anarchy? I mean we have some basic rules like, no hacking, no spamming, and no excessive swearing, but that's it.
    I myself prefer anarchy (got used to it on a russian server with IC2, BC, RedPower, Forestry a while back).

    I could also use clarification on the rules question. I don't want anarchy but I didn't have much in the way of rules and restrictions planned aside from the general respect set of no hacking and stealing and such.
    I would also appreciate clarification regarding proper server status. I have what should be a ~24/7 server but it is run from one of my own decent machines at home rather than a paid server center. I wasn't clear if you only wanted people to ask for sticky if they are using server centers or not.

    Would be interested in seeing the idea fleshed out a bit more in terms of how far the upgrades should go to and what effect it has on fuel efficiency.

    Could definitely get behind the possibility of generators being able to produce more power even if it ended up being something as simple as a tiered upgrade similar to the compact solars addon which I like the idea of but not so much the fact that it is solar and producing free energy over time on my server which is up even when people are not on.

    I would like to apply for suggestion and/or small stuff.

    I've been playing IC2 since MC 1.2.3 and I believe I have a firm grasp of the mechanics and workings needed to help with the engineering other than I'm not a master at the nuclear engineering but I get the feeling there are people in the general community who's hobbies are designing and testing new reactor layouts.

    I've mainly been lurking around but I have confidence I could put in the some time per day as needed for a janitor position.

    English is my native language and I believe I am pretty civil on the internet when dealing with people.

    Just figured I should throw my two cents in as well.

    Addressing Kane Hart

    First of all I am displeased with the video calling out the mod authors and such, it literally took about a dozen attempts on my part to sit and listen to it as it just strikes me as a terrible idea regardless of the issues at hand as I have seen it backfire spectacularly more times than I care to admit to. As well as being really disappointed that there were a few parts where I felt the line was crossed between intelligent statements of concern into inflammatory comments and personal attacks on some of the authors.
    My final thing is in the end you came across as trying to threaten them with other mods replacing them which isn't a good idea when you want someone to do something for you.
    XY and EU appear to be much younger than IC/IC2 and I don't think either of them intends to try and directly muscle IC2 out it's current niche.

    I'm going to stop now, As far as I know you are a decent person as I really haven't noticed you before but in the last two days whenever I have seen your activity on forums it has been in a negative light.
    Done addressing Kane Hart

    Addressing IC2 team

    I would like it if there was more communication but I have long since come to terms with the fact that for most mods the community as a whole with all the children and childish members makes that almost impossible with the nagging and complaining for and about ETAs.

    I am completely uneducated on the issues of build-systems and such so I can't speak out one way or the other.
    With regards to out-side help with fixing problems, it's your call, it sounds like there are some people with the talent to help if it is a workload issue but again from my own experience sometimes too many people with their differing work and code styles leads to stuff breaking more spectacularly down the road.

    Again I'm not personally informed with minecraft modding but it sounds like the 1.4 update will shake things up again for the coders and authors so in my opinion it might be best for us all to just leave things be and just chill and deal with it until things settle down to the point where the future is predictable.

    With regards to betas and testing, I have no strong opinion either way, it would be nice to have open access to testing pre-releases but again looking at other mods it is pretty much pointless without a proper error reporting set up and a system and rules in place to discourage the people who make "something broke, fix it" style error reports without useful info.

    I'm done for now, my train of thought is long gone after trying to write without sounding like I am attacking either side.

    In 1.81 SMP there is definitely an issue as what I would call routine and ideal landings are resulting in enough damage to kill people from full health while wearing nano armor.

    Just for the sake of clarity most of the landings I attempted were what I would call the lunar lander method where I came to almost a complete stop in vertical movement a short hop above the ground and then just tapped the throttle on and off to descend gently. I don't think I was moving at much of a horizontal speed but it is possible that there was a fair bit of it if that would have an impact on the landing calculations.

    when I install the 0.84 jar file into the mods file then play. The mod isn't even there. i can't craft anything and it's not in NEI. The only other mods I have is planes, SDK's, BC and of course IC2 1.7.1. Can someone please help I was planning on getting this for my 1.1 server. One other person said I need to make sure IC2 is loading before rocket science, what does that mean? :S

    As far as I know modloader loads the mods from the folder in alphabetical order so for mods like rocket science and crossovers you need the make sure they load after the mods they depend on. The easiest way to do that seems to be to rename the mod zip/rar/jar and add a late letter like y or z to the front of the mod name to force it to load later.

    I haven't installed this particular mod but hopefully the explanation helps.