Tesla Coils are awesome! but..

  • I just wanted to start out by saying that I absolutely adore this mod for minecraft. Made the game completely new again for me and I enjoy it.
    I built a factory for my industrial crafting, and I wanted to protect it with a set of tesla coils surrounding it, however I was going for a specific type of design
    where I could basically flip a switch inside the factory, where several sticky pistons would receive power to push the tesla coil blocks up and out of the ground
    while simultaneously moving them into a position where they would receive power from the generator wires, and thus activating them all simultaneously.
    Im not sure if this was the intended design, but sticky pistons DONT actually move tesla coil blocks at all. Is there anything that can be done about this?
    Again, thank you for making an awesome mod!

  • I think it's a bug, even if I've never tried using piston on machines (guess it works as well as RP2 Frames with ^^) but ... you could make it work without pushing Tesla Coils with Piston you know ?

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Tesla coils don't care about walls so you don't actually need to push them into place. Just don't forget that tesla coils will be just as happy to zap you through a wall as it is to zap mobs.