Add ThaumCraft ores to the miner

  • Hey guys!
    I noticed that the miner didn't give me any ores from ThaumCraft 3, so I wanted to add them.
    However, when I opened the ThaumCraft config file I only found this ID for ores:


    I wasn't sure how to add that to the IC2 config, as it is only one ID.

    Thank you for all answers!

  • Thaumcraft just uses one blockID for all 8 ores, makes it possible to do the switch from infused to dull shards and back again.

    If you need the whole string (cause I'm not sure how to add it to the miner actually, need to get around to doing that), the full numbers are are 2402, 2402:1, 2402:2 ... 2402: 7 (if you have no use for amber and quicksilver, 2402:1 - 2402:6 are the shards).

  • I recommend NOT doing that, as infused ores act as "batteries" for the local aura and if you mine away all your infused ores, well your aura won't have anything to replenish from.

    That's a good reason why TC3 ores are NOT registered with the miner.

  • The battery effect is extremely limited. It just drains the infused ore for a one time boost, and it gets re-infused after the aura fills up. Mining the shards and making crystal clusters is much more effective, since the refill is constant (and where you want it to be!) and the overcharge produces less flux than naturally recharging a node does, its also possible to create a vis sink if you have enough crystal clusters that the overcharge is a problem.

    (you could also make the tier 2 wands, which are even better batteries, but thats getting to potentially dangerous flux levels if you drain too many wands),