2 Chamber Design

  • Hi guys,

    because of my building style i can only put 2 Chambers at the reactor. I tried to find an own setup and found one but i want to know if it could be more efficient.


    It would be nice when you guys could help me.

    I want that the reactor produces as much eu possible over a long time. So i think thorium should be my first choice.

    Do you have any suggestions? You can also post setups with more eu/t but i can only place 2 chambers.


  • That design, or at least a very close variation is up, but gregtech reactors are only partially up (problems with how to measure efficiency when the thorium/plutonium balance is off).

    I don't have any two chamber reactors planned, I can't get good efficiency out of it, but I have single chamber ones, this should meet your needs.


    Not quite as much power, but much more efficient (ignore the planner, it doesn't take into account that plutonium produces 5 times the power of uranium). You will still lose out by building two of those isntead of one 5 or 6 chanber, but if its what you need its what you need.