Impossible4's IC^2 Videos

  • Hey guys, what's up. 5 months or so I did a tutorial on the RP2/IC^2 watermill thing, and now I have improved it.
    I will post more videos as they happen.


    Bucket Brigade has been severely nerfed, I doubt anybody would use it, it costs about 6 iron and 2 tin for just 1 EU/t. Although better than solars I guess, you still need deployers

    And your design has a major noobie flaw: copper cabling.

    Finally redpower would probably be a bad choice for automation as, well, its history and pr6 is extremely buggy atm.

    Oh, and there will be lag issues with the timer + uninsulated wire. I didn't manage to watch the whole thing, but you need to set it to at least 5 s for a non-laggy tileable setup and 0.85 s if you just need one.