Scattered Moons

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    A recent story project of mine, which originally started out as a simplistic idea, which pretty much based around using two perspectives within a single novel. By now it's already quite a few pages along and will probably turn out beyond the 50 pages mark.
    It's content is set in the present time, with a slight hint of... well, you would for sure love to know what goes in here, but that would be a spoiler.
    Let's say the story is pretty much a jerk when it comes to leaving the reader in the dark, and that's full intention. The background and much of the needed information will be revealed part-by-part across the story. You're free to set up your own speculations and discuss those in this thread

    Regarding it's rating, I would dare to say
    it's definitely somewhere along MATURE, since it contains potential violence and eventually the one or other bloody chapter.
    No over-hyped amount of gore or adult content, however.
    Nontheless read at your own danger
    , you know how painful bad grammar can burn one's eyes.

    Be advised that I'll release the story in smaller chunks, since a main aspect of the story is it's intention to leave the reader guessing as what to could happen next (which would be pointless if you could just read the whole story right away).
    As well, please keep in mind that the first few chapters aren't exactly full of action or anything suchlike, but be assured that the interesting chapters will come very soon.

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    Added the chapters 6-10, as well as the spellchecked chapters 1-5 (credit for spellchecking goes to Shalashalska).
    Just download the newer attachment. I've decided to 'rerelease' it as a single new file every time, to ease things for new readers (much simpler then TDC where you needed to download every part individually).