A Black Feather

    • Official Post

    Written in just two long, exhausting nights (literally, 90% of the story was written from 10PM to 5AM), I created another short tale of wonderous wonders. Or something along those lines.
    I simply had one of those 'Damn, that would make a good plot.' moments and couldn't resist dropping everything I've been working on for those few days. And hereby I present you:
    A Black Feather

    The story itself takes place in our all-known and beloved world of Daina, namely in the later periods of the 'Age of Wheel'.
    It is about a single being, which had been given blessing and curse alike, out there, alone, trying to find it's destinys. And just when it thought it found what it desired for... it is tested anew.
    A story of love, pain, sadness and gods.
    Be advised the story is rated 'slight' mature for implicit nudity, mature themes and the occasional trace of violence.
    Even more important, however, the story is effectively a spoiler: It gives out a some background information about things that happened chronologically before, but have yet to be written. Though it's not as if the revelation in this story wasn't predictable...

    Anyways, enjoy reading, leave feedback at the discussion forum and swim in the fantastic world of Daina.