The spambot wars season 3

  • *Out of character*
    At this point, I'm waiting for The Drake of Fire to post again. You're free to do stuff unrelated to the taint laser. And as for the psychic thing, don't we all?

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  • X-360: maybe i did not die? maybe i went into cormma and now this is just some dream but everything feels so real...

    *X-360 touchs a exotic flower then notices a shady person walking towards him*

    X-360: Hello

    ????: Hello.... Wait what. How do you speak?

    X-360: What are you on about?

    ????: souls cant talk! mmmm.....

    X-360: this must be a dream because some mad religious dude talking about souls

    ????: well souls are real. ether energy flows through everything, it connects everything. some things have more ether energy than others. When a living being dies its ether energy gets left behind and pulled into this pocket universe. i put a barrier up to stop everything but ether energy coming in and out BUT some how you enter with physical body and mind plus you have a ton of ether energy flowing within you and another odd thing is your dead but alive. you must be stuck in limbo.

  • *Onboard the Frame Carrier
    Blaster: Bolts, can you come to the war room on the Frame Carrier, I need to show you something

    *Executive Bolts arrives
    Executive Bolts: What is it?
    Blaster: You want the good news or the bad news
    Executive Bolts: The good news first
    Blaster: In that case, we have a lead to the spambot home world. We believe it to be some ware in the Aquan sector.
    Executive Bolts: That sector of space is largely uncharted. What proof do you have?
    Blaster: Aside from coordinates that N.I.C.O.L.E traced through the teleporter array? We have photos of Aquan armor patterns and they match the designs on spambots. But...
    Executive Bolts: But?

    *Displays photo of a spambot along with photos of Aquan Symbols
    Blaster: Computer, display percentage of the amount of similar patterns on the spambot
    Computer: 12.5%
    Executive Bolts: an 8th of the pattern is Aquan.
    Blaster: Yes, the rest we haven't been able to trace
    Executive Bolts: are you sure the comparison is Aquan
    Blaster: There were sightings of the Aquan race millions of years ago. which brings me to another problem
    Executive Bolts: Which is?
    Blaster: The Aquan civilization were said to be a species of warriors, their armor was said to only be penetrable by their own weapons.
    Executive Bolts: how is this a problem?

    *Displays video footage of several spambot encounters, including Blaster's recent battle against the spambot leader
    Blaster: we have been destroying spambots without Aquan technology. The Aquan people never came this far so we have no access to their technology. Take my last shot at the spambot leader.

    *enlarges video
    Blaster: I rammed his chest plate, which has a Aquan pattern on it and it was destroyed.
    Executive Bolts: What if they are using fakes?
    Blaster: That would make sense, however the spambots have been shown to take a beating. these would have to be excellent fakes.
    Executive Bolts: can we find a source of Aquan technology to compare with?
    Blaster: Not with the barricade still out there. We need to go into spambot terrirory in order to find a source of genuine Aquan Technology
    Executive Bolts: I see, thanks for telling me

    *Goes to leave
    Blaster: I'm not done, that was the good news after all
    Executive Bolts: That was the good news?
    Blaster: Unfortunatly

    *Displays map of Minecraftia
    Blaster: Scott tells me that the Aura in areas has been drastically affected in areas of the globe, along with the weather

    *Zooms in to an area of the map, it shows a purple forest with unknown creatures
    Blaster: Aside from taint showing up in areas of the planet, there have been reports that Aura nodes and known Thaumaturgy tools, enchantments and weapons are no longer working. These reports are scattered and there have been conflicting reports on the matter, however this shouldn't be taken lightly. On top of that, portions of the planet are experiencing chaotic weather. Including tornados, heat waves, blizzards and tsunamis.
    Executive Bolts: How can we stop this?
    Blaster: Scott is going through all known mage and magic based texts to see if he can find an answer. As for the weather, none of us are sure. All we have is a theory
    Executive Bolts: Which is?
    Blaster: The heat crystals are being affected by the taint laser. If this is true and continues, then the planet will die
    Executive Bolts: I see
    Blaster: I highly recommend you come up with another plan Bolts, because if we can't get in contact with Jack soon, then there may not be a Minecraftia left to save.

  • X-360: limbo... that place between life and death. oh yeah

    ????: you cant stay in limbo forever. eventually you will fun out of ether energy and simply vanish into dust.

    X-360: well what do i do then?

    ????: wait until you turn to dust. OH! i know. ill strike you a deal. the damage on your universe had an effect on mine plus the spambot are trying to find a way of destroying this place. some have got here using unknown methods like you but they are not living. if you help me and my pocket universe ill help you return to your universe and save minecraftia.

    X-360: mmm.... DEAL!

    ????: One more thing, well two more actually. dont let the spambot take this knowledge and you now belong the argotha not minecraftia now so you will never fell what it is to be alive anymore.

    X-360: if it takes that to save everybody then i will agree.

    ????: as i said ether energy can manipulate other energys but if you use this power too much you will rip yourself apart but i dont think that will happen because you are metaphoric creature so you probaly have more understanding over control. ONE thing is at the end of the training i will take your power away and expose you to taint. this should make able to feel its power and control it. you will notice your appearance will change

  • Executive Bolts: Very well. What specifically are the effects of the heat crystals' destabilization?
    Blaster: The temperature of the planet would drop to near absolute zero.
    Bolts: I see. And that cant't be avoided?
    Blaster: No. The process would be so fast that nothing on the surface of the planet could escape in time.
    Executive Bolts: There was one plan that I scrapped... but-
    Blaster: What was it?
    Executive Bolts: It requires a small, portable railgun, which we don't have access to.
    Blaster: Why?
    Bolts: We need a cubic meter of pure neodymium, and the spambots took it all last month.
    Blaster: I have a stock of it. What else?
    Bolts: We need six compact hydrogen bombs and concentrated crystals of all primal Vis types, inside a missile shot from the railgun.
    Blaster: That sounds too simple. What's the catch? There has to be a catch.
    A.I.D.E.N.: Because the laser is shielded by a jamming field, it will have to be on- site.
    Blaster: Ah. What are the effects of this?
    A.I.D.E.N.: If you would look at this simulation I've made...
    *A wireframe map of Mt. Melter appears on the table. A dot slowly flies up to the peak. At this point it splits in to two images. One shows the six fusion bombs detonating, pushing the matrix of Vis crystals into the center, producing a brilliant flash of light. On the other, the dot rapidly expands into a large sphere, while the image zooms out, eventually encompassing the entire planet. It shows a wave of light emanating from the point of impact moving across the surface, illuminating scores of small points as it does so.*
    A.I.D.E.N.: The explosives fuse the crystals together, creating a field that will rejuvenate aura nodes across the planet.
    Blaster: Very pretty, but what about the taint laser?
    Bolts: Do you think that the entire power of six hydrogen bombs would be focused on one point? Of course not. It's only 75 percent!
    Blaster: Sounds good. When can we finish?
    Bolts: Two days.

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
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  • ????: the reason am teaching you to control taint not to destroy it is because taint can never be stopped also i need a lord of in-balance. OH... hey i forgot to tell you who i am. i am the lord of time, chronos. theres the other lords but you shall meet them later. ok time for training. we need to first control ether to understand taint. focus and channel the energy into you. try to imagine you can see the energy.

    X-360: got it!

  • Blaster: I'll begin modifying the Nighthawk to accept the designs. If your plan works, then whoever does it will need to get out fast. The Nighthawk is designed for speed unlike the Eos Nova and the Frame Carrier.

    *Downloads schematics for Rail Gun and puts them on his Gauntlet
    Blaster: Tell me when your ready for the installation

    *Goes to the Frame Carrier's repair bay

  • *We rejoin our (temporary) heroes flying in the Nighthawk across the White Sea. It can be accurately said that they are none too happy with the arrangement.*
    Executive Lewis: Why the hell did you have to volunteer us for this- this- this suicide mission?
    Executive Kalashnikov: It wasn't my fault!
    Lewis: Of course it wasn't, you idiot! You were drunk!
    Kalashnikov: All I had was one glass!
    Lewis: Of that black stuff from the bottle that said "Sonic- Aged Dragonblood Fermentation By- Product Four!"
    Kalashnikov: The lieutenant put me up to it!
    Lt. Roberts: I did not!
    Computer: Target in sight. Activating auxiliary engines.
    Kalashnikov: Aim the damn cannon already.

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
    As soon as you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Be advised that you cannot lose The Game more than once in an hour.
    Whenever you lose The Game, you must say "I lost The Game."
    Since, when you think about The Game, you lose The Game, by reading this, you have just lost the game and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

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    My posts will be very infrequent. Just so you know.

  • *Through communication channel
    Blaster: I have already programed the computer to aim and fire the cannon Kalashnikov
    Kalashnikov: you can hear this

    *In the Frame carrier war room
    Blaster: I have been on the whole time, heard everything. Due to the nature of the shot, I didn't want to leave anything to chance
    Kalashnikov: I see
    Blaster: Lewis, I need you to activate the cameras on the Nighthawk, so that we can see what your flying over
    Lewis: Working on it now
    Lt. Roberts: Will the shields work Blaster?
    Blaster: I designed the shields to counter most forms of spambot fire, so you won't need to worry about that. The big problem is going to be your rear shields when the bombs go off.
    Lt. Roberts: You didn't design the shields to deal with Hydrogen bombs?
    Blaster: I take all things into consideration Lt. Hitting the Nighthawk with a bomb would be like trying to drop a stone onto a bird while flying, damm near impossible. Besides, with the excess power system you have just for the shields, it will take a lot for them to break
    Lewis: What are you using to power the shields?
    Blaster: The Nether Star, it was the only fuel source I had that could power the new Mirror Move shields and fit into the plane
    Lewis: What changes did you have to make to the Mirror Move shields?
    Blaster: The shields will now repel negative Aura effects, as to Hydrogen Bombs, I don't know
    Lt. Roberts: We're coming up to Mt Melter, Blaster, can you see this?
    Blaster: Unfortunatly

    *The whole area is now covered in taint, the creatures of the area are now corrupted along with the spambots
    Lt. Roberts: I thought you said your Node Drones would help protect the enviorment
    Blaster: They were absorbing the beam itself, not the by products. You guys will need to manually fire if your under attack, don't activate anything to do with the bombs!

    *To N.I.C.O.L.E and D.A.W.N
    Blaster: Do we still have a lock on their signal's?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: We have a lock an all three of them along with the Nether Star, we are ready to beam them out at a moment's notice
    Blaster: Then lets hope we don't have to

  • *X-360 training*

    X-360: why did you not have a lord of inbalence before....

    chronos: we, did but he died because how much power he had. even i the lord of time could not match him.

    X-360: who is he?

    chronos: you will have met him. he called himself.....


  • Executive Lewis: Cannon locked in position, firing point set.
    Lt. Roberts: Why aren't they firing at us? This is too easy.
    Blaster: Taint concentration is rising in your area. It's up to... 67%.
    Executive Kalashnikov: That would mean the taint laser is piercing the Node Drone array, but that's imposibl-
    *A jagged, dark purple bolt lances out of the laser, blasting straight through the Nighthawk. The aircraft explodes into flames and crashes into the side of Mt. Melter. It then erupts in a blinding, bluish- white sphere of Vis, encompassing the entire mountain. The surface of the energy globe shatters, blasting out a giant wave of magic, which consumes the taint in the area and overcharges the aura. The wave continues on, eventually crossing the horizon.*
    Executive Bolts: Well, that's that! Mission accomplished.
    Blaster: Thar was amazing...
    Bolts: Wasn't it? Anyway, the laser's gone, and nodes are being overcharged across the world, so that worked out perfectly! Global taint level is 1%.
    Blaster: Wait a second. Kalashnikov and Lewis are dead, and they didn't have a R.E.S.P.A.W.N. point programmed.
    Bolts: Too bad. I'll see you later.

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
    As soon as you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Be advised that you cannot lose The Game more than once in an hour.
    Whenever you lose The Game, you must say "I lost The Game."
    Since, when you think about The Game, you lose The Game, by reading this, you have just lost the game and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

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    My posts will be very infrequent. Just so you know.

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  • X-360: W-what what!!!!

    chronos: do you want to know more about him?

    X-360: ok then... it will pass the time while i train.

    chronos: in simple terms, he is two-minded psychopath that only wanted POWER. that may seem odd but i must tell you his story. 1,000 years ago the humans and the endermen where at war. chaos's mother was a endermen and his farther was human. these two did not believe in war. they had a son who died, he died from the ender genes and humans genes did not mix well. they had a second child, chaos. he survived. i will tell you more later...

  • Executive Bolts: Blaster, I'd like you to see something.
    Blaster: All right.
    Bolts: A.I.D.E.N., open Project Talos.
    A.I.D.E.N.: Okay, sir...but there's a Level One clearence requirement. I actually can't open it if Blaster would see it.
    Bolts: Give him Level Zero Clearence, for all I care.
    A.I.D.E.N.: But sir, that doesn't exist!
    Bolts: Why not? I had you program in Level Minus- Eight Thousand One Hundred Ninety- Two for me, so why not Zero?
    Blaster: ...What the hell?
    A.I.D.E.N.: Blaster has Level Zero clearence now, sir...
    Bolts: Anyway, Project Talos was a plan I had back in the second spambot war-
    A.I.D.E.N.: This is the secon one, sir.
    Bolts: No, it's the third. I've had enough of you contradicting me! Computer, remove all heuristics and superfluous emotion functions for one day.
    Computer: Command acknowledged.
    Bolts: Anyway, it was a plan I had back in the second war, for civilian defense.
    Blaster: Aren't you a civilian?
    Bolts: Let's ignore that point. Anyway, it was for civilian defense. It consisted of Aeonium missile launchers situated at strategic points around civilian areas.
    Blaster: But the spambots would detect, and destroy them.
    Bolts: That's the thing. The taint laser had a massively configurable omnispectral redirection field.
    Blaster: The jammer, in English.
    Bolts: Yes. We couldn't detect it with our sensors, but the spambots could.
    Blaster: I get it! We just build one, but with a different setting, so that we can detect it, but the spambots can't! Ingenious.
    Bolts: Thank you. Speaking of the taint laser, the Vis saturation is having a strange effect on interdimensional boundaries.
    Blaster: What does that do?
    Bolts: I guess we'll see.
    *Out of character: Chaoschamp, you can come back into the real story soonish.*

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
    As soon as you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Be advised that you cannot lose The Game more than once in an hour.
    Whenever you lose The Game, you must say "I lost The Game."
    Since, when you think about The Game, you lose The Game, by reading this, you have just lost the game and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

    Yes, I like Nintendo. What's it to you?

    My posts will be very infrequent. Just so you know.

  • *In the Frame Carrier repair bay. Blaster has almost finished building the Nighthawk Mk II and is preparing for a launch. Executive Bolts walks in.

    Bolts: I see rebuilding is almost finished
    Blaster: There wasn't much to salvage from the wreckage, the only thing left was the Nether Star.
    Bolts: Why are you rebuilding it so soon?
    Blaster: In Anathos, there is a professor known as Professor Manarah, she specializes in dimension information and travel. I'm going to see if she knows anything about the side effects of the Laser.
    Bolts: And not because of your family?
    Blaster: While I'm there, I will check up on them. Besides, there are other things I want to check on while I'm there
    Bolts: Why not take the Frame Carrier?
    Blaster: I will be, but not to travel the region, the Frame Carrier is to noticeable. There is an island south of Anathos that I will be using as a base of operations
    Bolts: I see.
    Blaster: I will be in radio contact the whole time, alert me of any new progress. Also

    *Hands him a glove
    Blaster: Thought this may come in handy
    Bolts: What is this?
    Blaster: This is a Metabolism organization rearrangement portable hand, or M.O.R.P.H as I prefer to call it
    Bolts: What does it do?
    Blaster: It allows the user to shape shift into all known organic creatures and use their abilities
    Bolts: I see, Good luck Blaster
    Blaster: Same to you

    *The Frame Carrier un couples with the Eos Nova, en route to the Anathos Region

    *Onboard the Eos Nova
    Bolts: A.I.D.E.N, Keep me informed of Blaster's progress

  • X-360: when will i finish this training. my comrade could die!!!

    chronos: soon..... when you are ready to overcome the monster with in. THE TAINT!!!!

  • *In the skies over Anathos, the Frame Carrier is on an island to the south. Blaster and N.I.C.O.L.E are in the Nighthawk Mk II
    N.I.C.O.L.E: We're almost at New Vine Town Blaster, ETA of 30 seconds
    Blaster: Good to... What's that?

    *Looks at Radar, sees objects approaching fast.
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Radar Analysis shows Minecraftian missiles approaching
    Blaster: Hang on!

    *Starts flying evasively to avoid the missiles
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Blaster, their heat seekers
    Blaster: Drop flares!

    *Flares deploy from the back of the nighthawk, missiles lock on and destroy themselves
    Blaster: I'm coming in for landing, wheels down

    *Nighthawk lands in a clearing, Blaster and N.I.C.O.L.E leave the plane
    ???: Halt

    *They are surrounded by soldiers, Blaster and N.I.C.O.L.E raise their hands
    Blaster: Who's the leader here
    ???: That would be me

    *A girl walks foreword, gun pointed at Blaster
    ???: It's been a while brother, I thought you were banished
    Blaster: Sarah?
    Sarah: Now your going to get back on your plane and stay banished or...

    *Blaster quickly deploys a Nano saber and cuts the gun in half
    Sarah: what!

    *Blaster does a spin kick to knock her to the ground
    Sarah: oof!
    Blaster: Call off your troops, I'm not with the spambots.
    Sarah: At ease

    *troops lower guns, Blaster helps pull Sarah up off the ground
    Blaster: Fighting each other is redundant, considering we both have the same enemy
    Sarah: Agreed
    Blaster: What happened here?
    Sarah: Same as all of Minecraftia, the spambots came. I'll tell you the rest when we get home. But first
    Blaster: What?

    *Sarah grabs a Pokeball
    Sarah: I want to see if you still have it. One on one, Partner's only?
    Blaster: Heh...

    *Grabs Pokeball
    Blaster: I thought you'd never ask. Ladies first.
    Sarah: Espeon, I choose you
    Blaster: Blaziken, Lets go

    *Both release their partners
    Blaster: I'm not going easy on you just because your family sis
    Sarah: I still have the type advantage if you recall. Espeon, Psybeam
    Blaster: Blaziken, dodge and use Flamethrower

  • chronos: your training is over...... prepare. this may hurt a little

    *chronos opens a rip in space where a taint starts fly out and hit X-360*

    chronos: you need to counter is power with yours. think about your real life before you became part of the millatry. what was your name?

    Tainted X-360: WE ARE THE TAINT, WE SHALL RISE!!!! noo...

    X-360: .......... ahhhhh m...y name ... was regi.... re..regiki

  • So sorry for the very long break!!

    Location: Minecraftia, The North Pole
    Coordinates: [{DATA EXPUNGED}]

    AI B32: Sir, are you sure it was a good idea not to respond or even recieve any incoming messages?

    Executive Jack: Yes, I am. If the spambots had gotten the even the slightest whisper we were here, we would be attacked by spambots in record time. That is something we cannot have, especially now I have figured out their real plan. I still can't believe that their Taint Laser was a diversion. We have to restart project Ulysses and we can do that starting here, the Chandelier. If only thepowdertoy had known about this. He actually destroyed the Chandelier MK 2, which was much more compact, but had about 1/4 the firing capacity. Anyway, AI B32, send Executive Bolts a heavily coded transmission regarding the situation. Oh, and don't forget the "I told you so!!" at the end. I still can't believe that the spambots are zjjeijprhfiwkfjfjspfjjeidjckejrihskdj.…..........................................
    Transmission terminated. Suspense Activated.
    Cause: Bad weather, writers block, and the need for SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am also very sorry for the long delay in between posts, once again.

    Wait, something funner than fire and void energy has been invented!?!?!? WHAT!!

  • *The battle has concluded, both Espeon and Blaziken are very weak.
    Sarah: I see that you still have it, why did you stop though?
    Blaster: It was getting us no ware, we're equal Sarah.
    Sarah: True, I'll take you back to Mom.
    Blaster: Where is Dad?
    Sarah: You really want to see him? You do remember what he said?
    Blaster: "Don't return unless your going to beat me." I remember, I keep my word.
    Sarah: In that case, he is there as well. Lets go

    *In the backyard of a house
    ???: We need to organize a counter attack to reclaim the farmlands.
    Soldier: How sir, the spambots have that area secured and we still don't know their weaknesses

    *In the doorway
    Blaster: I see that I came at the right time then
    ???: Who is...

    *Sees Blaster
    Blaster: Considering as I have been fighting the spambot for about as long as I have been gone. Long time no see, Champion

    *The last word came as an insult
    ???: Why have you returned?
    Blaster: I need to speak with Mahogany, she may be able to solve a problem we're having
    ???: Who is this we?

    *Sees N.I.C.O.L.E
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Champion Aladra I presume
    Aladra: You are correct...
    N.I.C.O.L.E: N.I.C.O.L.E, my name is N.I.C.O.L.E
    Aladra: I see

    *Turns to Blaster
    Aladra: You have a lot of nerve to come back you traitor
    Blaster: Traitor? Is it traitorous to, at the age of 12, want to explore places outside of Anathos?
    Aladra: It is, you broke the one thing we hold dear.
    Blaster: And I have paid for it, but I don't regret it. Seeing the rest of Minecraftia has given me new abilities and skills I wouldn't have been able to develop here. Seeing the rest of Minecraftia as allowed me to meet new people and help them fight against a common enemy. I have seen things that you can only imagine.
    Aladra: In that case, you don't mind if I see these new skills
    Soldier: But sir, the farmlands
    Aladra: You work on those, I never break a deal

    *Grabs Pokeball and releases a Charizard
    Blaster: Nor do I

    *Releases Zoroark
    Blaster: Champion Aladra, I accept your challenge that was initiated 10 years ago. This will be a six on six challenge for your title.
    Aladra: Then lets begin son, CHARIZARD, HYPER BEAM!

    *Zoroark take the hit but sustains minimal damage due to the transformation, the ground around Aladra is covered in floating stones
    Aladra: How?
    Blaster: I have taught Zoroark to use his ability to change not only his shape, but stats, type and moves aswell. ROLLOUT!

    *Charizard flies into the air to dodge the attack
    Blaster: This is for banishing me, ZOROARK, ROCK TOMB!

    * In the corner, Sarah is speaking to another woman
    Sarah: Increasing the power of Illusion to that high of a degree, he has been busy hasn't he mom
    ???: Indeed, your father is going to have his work cut out for him if he is going to win this one
    Sarah: We knew that going in, Blaster...
    ???: That's what he is calling himself now?
    Sarah: For some reason, yes. Anyway, Blaster knows all of Dad's tricks, and after the fight that we had before, Looks like he has some that dad has never seen
    ???: This is going to be a good match