The spambot wars season 3

  • Scott: AGHH!
    -I lay on the ground, feeling my atoms being ripped apart by a dimensional rift. I'm in such intense pain that I black out, my body growing paler and paler, colder and colder.-
    Flaras: SCOTT??!?!?! NO!! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!
    -She's shaking my body, crying. I see only Aaron in my mind, the sole reason for living. The only thing keeping me fighting.-

    -Scott's mind-
    Aaron: Keep fighting!
    Scott: I-I can't.... it's cost me too much.....sister. YOU DIED BECAUSE OF FIGHTING!
    Aaron: Without fighting, I would've never met you....

  • Blaster: AQUA DRILL!!!

    *Surounds himself in water and tries to ram into the High Spambot Leader, but is reflected
    Thalia: CLENSING LIGHT!!!

    *Thalia uses the attack to negate the Dimensional rift
    Scott: *cough. Thanks

    *In Blaster's head
    Blaster: He can counter everything we send at him. We can't...

    *Realizes something
    Blaster: Its risky, but it might work...

    *Out loud
    Blaster: Everyone, I have a plan. I need you all to send me your powers
    Nicole: Blaster, that amount of energy flowing though you could kill you!!!
    Blaster: Its a risk I'm willing to take. Trust me!

    Sarah: ... Its worth a shot. WIND INTO WATER!!!
    Flaras: FIRE INTO WATER!!!
    Electos: THUNDER INTO WATER!!!
    Frosa: ICE INTO WATER!!!
    Sirius: STONE INTO WATER!!!
    Terasa: EARTH INTO WATER!!!
    Thalia: LIGHT INTO WATER!!!
    Maria: VIS ABSORPTION!!!
    Nicole: MANA ABSORBTION!!!
    Scott: I can't
    Blaster: DO IT!!!

    *The energy is absorbed into Blaster's body, a burst of light comes from his body and surrounds him to the point where it is impossible to see his body
    Blaster: LETS DO THIS!!!

    *Starts flying towards the High Spambot leader's body
    High Spambot Leader: WHAT!!!

    *Pierces the body 10 times
    High Spambot Leader: THIS ISN"T POSSIBLE!!!

    *Opens a black hole

    *Forces the High Spambot leader into the black hole, killing it

    *In its dying breath
    High Spambot Leader: I'M NOT FINISHED, I'M NOT THROU...

    *The Black Hole dissipates, Blaster is still in the air
    Blaster: Its done...

    *Releases the powers back to their hosts. Blaster's body (No longer in any armor plummets to the ground, killing him
    Sarah: BLASTER!!!

    *As they run over, they notice any traces of spambot technology shuts down permanently

    *They arrive at the body, the Solaris emerald has stopped giving of a light. Sarah is in tears
    Sarah: BLASTER!!!

    *Tries to pick him up

    *Terasa puts a hand on her sholder
    Terasa: Stop
    Terasa: There isn't...
    Electos: As long as the emerald still glows, then there is a chance. He's gone Sarah...

  • chaos:am sorry regiki but.... your time has come

    *regiki losses control oh his right arm and stabs himself in the heart with his sword*


    chaos: ill tell you soon...

    *regiki's body flops to the floor*

    chaos: i could not help it... it had to end this way

    *the taint emarled starts to react wildly and regiki's body picks itself up and rips the sword out. the wound heals*

    chaos: i have full control of this body now its time to do my work

    *chaos throws the taint emarled at blaster*

  • Scott: Oh god...
    -I'm in intense pain, I'm seeing horrible things.-

    -Scott's mind.-
    Scott: Oh god...
    Flaras: Scott, help me!
    -Flaras is pinned under a beam of metal. I hear Sarah yelling.-
    Sarah: Please.... I just want to die.... END THIS ALREADY!
    -Sarah has a piece of rebar puncturing her neck. I hear Aaron yelling.-
    Aaron: AGH!
    -Aaron's stomach is disemboweled, her intestines hanging out. She's in so much pain.-

    -Real life.-
    Scott: SARAH! SARAH!
    -I've accidentally tackled Sarah to the ground, shaking her and crying.-
    Nicole: Scott-
    -I have the look of a wild animal in my eyes.-
    Kai: This can't be helped... He's seen a lot of horrible things... He might have PTSD, or something. No guy in his twenties should ever experience what he has in his life.

  • *The Taint emerald hits Blaster's body, but nothing happens
    Chaos: That's not possible

    *Amelia, Aladra, Davis, Reika and Bolts return (or arrive to the scene)
    Amelia: No...

    *Burst into tears
    Flaras: Terasa, you said that as long as the emerald glows, there is still a chance
    Terasa: Our spirits are bound to the gems, as long as they glow, the spirit of the one they are bound with still walks with us
    ???: That is mostly correct

    *The taint emerald glows and surrounds them in a white light, when it clears, they are in a world where there is only white. A blue orb appears and morphs into Blaster's armor
    Sarah: Blaster...
    Blaster: Our spirits linger if we are not satisfied that we have finished what we have started. With the High Spambot Leader gone and the Spambot armies falling, I have finished what I had set out to do since the very beginning. Unlike Scott and Flaras, I have no regrets.
    Sarah: But how...
    Blaster: Sarah, you have to realize that I have fought the spambots three times in three wars, even if historically there was only two. I am saying this as a man who has lived large portions of his life in war. Death will happen to all of us one day, but unlike you guys now, I am not fighting it as I believe I have finished my time here.

    *Blaster and Sarah hug as brother and sister, Amelia and Aladra join in
    Blaster: Lives your lives the way they were meant to be. The war is finally over, it is time to rejoice

    *They separate
    Blaster: Farewell

    *The white void clears

  • -Third Person POV-

    "Scott had seen such things he went unwillingly mute after that. He was extremely traumatized by his time in the war, dying, being reborn, etc."

    "When he left the group, he wandered the country side for a year until he found his place, helping the people he found. People would speak of the "Shadow", a mysterious silent hero. He finally found his place: At an observatory, looking up at the stars, with a girl named Angela. They would later fall in love."

    "Kai and Maria never found their place, but they found it in the reconstruction efforts. Together, Kai and Maria helped rebuild Mojamg City."

    "Aaron was lost when Scott left, but Hayden the EnderBorn was there for her. In a month, they were dating. She didn't miss her brother, though."

    "This was the the end of all Scott had ever known, and it was gonna take adjusting. He never knew anything other than war, trying to serve as a reminder to future generations that war is hell."

  • chaos went to mt melter and placed the paradox sword in the core with a note to regiki saying "you must not let blaster die and to kill chaos and the high spambot leader with this sword. YOU MUST NOT LET BLASTER MAKE THE FINAL MOVE".the paradox once placed exists in every moment in time but in the same space. after chaos travelled the universe searching the universe for time-space vortex back to when regiki was born or rather when he was born.

  • ???: It has been 50 years since that day. Minecraftia may have survived the ordeal, but the team was destroyed.
    ????: What happened to the others
    ???: Sarah and Electos, with the help of Nicole found Blaster's original plans for the defense grid and built it to protect the planet, and as you know, to this day that shield stays strong. Scott eventually recovered and is now living with Flaras and his family. Terasa and Frosa went to the Digital world to help restore it, I do not know where they are now. Sirius and Thalia also recovered and started a family together. Amelia and Aladra took most of Blaster's Pokémon and, with their help, restored the Pokémon population that the Spambots almost destroyed. The other details though are hazy due to old age.
    ????: What about Blaster's body?
    ???: A shrine dedicated to him was built in his home town in Anathos, as for the "body" itself, it rests in his house which they converted into a tomb people can enter to pay their respects. His main team, Terriermon and Lopmon still guard the tomb and are now teaching their young to.
    ????: And the Frame Carrier?
    ???: It rests in the Tomb as well, but it can no longer fly.
    ????: I see... How do you know this?
    ???: Hehe, well child, lets just say that things aren't always what they seam.
    ????: What do you...
    ?????: Alicia, we have to go
    Alicia: But I still need to ask him about the other moments between then and now
    ?????: No time, we have to move
    Alicia: Ok Ok, thank you for your time sir
    ???: Its alright

    *The two people leave, ??? gets up with the help of a cane and leaves the house in New Mojang City, a thriving futuristic city specializing in education, home of the arts and centre of global business. ??? walks to a transport network entrance and grabs a ticket. A small amount of time latter, a ticket inspector requests the ticket.
    Inspector: The Glacier's sir, going out to the tomb?
    ???: I thought it was fitting to visit at this time
    Inspector: I understand, I would myself if I wasn't busy.

    *Hands back ticket
    Inspector: Enjoy your trip
    ???: Thank you. Have a nice day
    Inspector: Same to you sir.

    *??? arrives at the tomb. A Combusken and Riolu guard the entrance
    ???: Any troubles today
    Combusken: Busken *Shakes head indicating "no"
    ???: Good to hear. Keep up the good work you two
    Combusken: Busk
    Riolu: Ri

    *Walks inside, most of the house is the same as it was during the war, the only exception is on the walls where photos of the wars reside along with a group photo of everyone who had fought in the wars.
    ???: Ah, memories of youth. If only the ones that were my own weren't that painful

    *As ??? walks through the house, Deino, Snesal, Marstomp, Zorua, Eevee, Gummymon and Kokomon either stand guard or play due to their age with their parents keeping an eye on them.

    *??? enters the room where Blaster's body rests. the power from the three Mana Nexuses preserve his body. Just below the glass coffin his body rests in, copies of Blaster's Gauntlet, D-Power and the Solaris Emerald of water, Darkus Emerald and Haos Emerald that Blaster used rested

    *Looks at the body
    ???: I'm glad that the rest of the world doesn't know our secret. "I always think ahead" when it comes to these things. I hope your smiling down, appreciating what you helped achieve.

  • -Scott's POV.-
    Scott: It's the 50th year anniversary of the defeat of the spambots... I think we should go pay our respects to Blaster at his tomb.
    Flaras: That's a wonderful idea.
    -I smiled, seeing our children in our living room. We lived in New Mojang, but it was nothing flashy. I saw my daughter Eleanore, who had Flaras's red hair and my purple eyes, and my shy son Thomas. He had my brown hair and my purple eyes. Our family was wonderful, and so was Aaron's. She ended up settling down with Hayden the Enderborn.-

    -At his tomb.-
    Scott: Blaster, you were one hell of a leader. I remember your mantra: No regrets, but nobody's perfect. I hope you're comfortable up there... I thank you for heeding my mother's warning and letting fate bring us all together. You and me, me and Flaras, you and her.... Everyone. I didn't agknowledge it then, I was just another kid touched by war. Imagine the rivers of blood shed by dictators trying to control a tiny portion of the planet... It all led up to this... Thank you. Thanks to you, a found a home down here and up there, I love space, and I discovered it the year after it all ended. I thank you..

  • Sarah: I guess great minds think alike

    *Scott and Flaras turn around to see Sarah and Electos with Kai, Maria and Bolts just behind them. Sarah and Electos's children have gone to play with the younger Pokémon, Gummymon and Kokomon

  • Scott: Come over here, you guys.
    -They come over, letting me hug each one.-
    Sarah: I never thought we'd all be here...
    Flaras: I know.
    Scott: I'm glad it's over.
    Kai: And we've recovered... Mostly.
    -She looks at me tenatively, and I laugh.-
    Scott: I told myself I wouldn't get emotional...

  • Frosa: And what is it about parties and not inviting us

    *Back in the doorway, Frosa, Terasa, Thalia, Sirius, Nicole and Chaos are standing there.
    Frosa: I might have a frosty personality sometimes but still...

  • Chaos: nicole am sorry i killed regiki but i had to.....

    *nicole whispers in chaos's ear*

    nicole: I know the truth.... because you are him. when i scanned both of you your DNA was shockingly similar

    *chaos looks like he has not aged. chaos walks to blasters glass coffin. chaos smurks*

    chaos: so it was here all along and i hope regiki succeed this time

  • *After everyone has paid their respects, they start to leave the room
    Sarah: Could you excuse me for a minute
    Electos: We'll be outside if you need us

    *They leave, Sarah looks at the body silently before smiling and turning to the door
    Sarah: "We will be heroes... We can change the world if we try"

    ???: While the spambot wars may have finished, Mnecraftia wasn't completly safe.
    Blaster: Other tales have been made since then. There are other stories to hear. It is just a matter of you wanting to listen


  • *everyone has left except chaos*

    chaos: i may be powerful, i may be immortal and never grow old but... the price for such thing is greater than you will ever know. i can never love, never feel and never understand pain. ive watched world burn in front of my eyes and not being able to do a thing about it and the worst things is when somebody you know burns in front of you

    *chaos starts to cry*

    chaos: i hope he succeed for mine... and your sake. i hope he never lives my life. its time for me to go...

    *chaos places his hand on the coffin and vanishes*

  • I have a idea for one if everyone's game. A spoiler for the idea

  • What do you mean by "to be game"?