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    It's been a while. =)

    That's great if you're still working on that project. =P
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to test it really soon. I, myself, have not a lot of free time this year. =(

    But anyway, I'm happy to see you're still there. =D

    (By the way, does your location (Riding a thermonuclear missile over the blockiverse) refer to a famous scene in Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove?)

    At this point I have no idea. But it's taking so long I presumed it was a little more than just blocky-rockets.

    I think what I expect the most is the way to get to the moon and more. =)

    But ItemRSCell.class on the place.

    Wait, what's that ?
    And what does it announce ?

    Hey !
    I've seen the work you have put in the mod. Really, much encouragements !
    By the way, congratulations for the moon glass. =)

    I see however a little problem: the button to subscribe to the mailing list redirects you to a 404 not found error..
    I hope you can fix this soon.

    Still saying, even if I'm not there often, you have all my support for that !

    I had done some research for an exam, last year, and I found out that regolith was really rich in tritium because of the bombardment in Alpha particles, I think. So it could be used to be refined into highly enriched tritium cell, meaning that you could fuse it with deuterium into helium. =)
    Also, we absolutely need lithium as it is planned in the ITER to cover the surface of the interior reactor, so that when hit by a neutron, it will transform into ,tritium again. Thus you can collect some more (to the expense of finding lithium), but lithium is way more occurrent on Earth than tritium is.

    So marvellous !
    By space stations, do you mean the kind that you have to build block by block, or the kind that you have to build special modules that you launch and it will automatically to attach to the other modules (needing a rocket, of course) ?
    Also, how does it work for rockets ? After thinking about it, it could be so sweet to have to actually build the rocket, and place all the different kinds of propulsion systems (a bit like in Ships mod by Cuchaz, but that one is more about ships (by the way, his mod is open source, so if you plan on something like this, then you could maybe see how he did the deal ?)), so that you are really free regarding your design, rather than having pre-made rockets.
    Though I would understand if you didn't want to do that because it is challenging..
    Any way, keep up the good work (also, thanks for working on it), and by the way, do you think you are close to a working version of the mod ?
    Sorry for the kind of 'streak of consciousness' post, it is because I'm really excited about it. :P

    Huh... I have troubles with my password. I have tried to enter it, but it doesn't work. So I changed it, believing that I had made a mistake, putting a v instead of a c during the registration, but it doesn't work after I changed it...

    EDIT: Actually never mind, it works. I had forgotten something.

    Pretty much nothing has to be explained.
    Either there have been a lot of new things I'm not aware of, therefore you ask, or you did not download the mod.
    Thatsimplekid is still dealing with alpha issues, so there is not much to mess around for now.
    But with some hope, we may have a great mod. =)

    EDIT: Moreover, RS 3 isn't compatible with the newest versions of IC2: it sticks to 1.6.4 so the latest compatible version is .397