The spambot wars season 3

  • *Blaster finds the message
    Blaster: Base to Frame carrier
    Kai: What's the issue
    Blaster: I'm sending a message through, transmit it to all teams
    Kai: Got it
    Blaster: Also, what's the status of the taint
    Kai: Its getting worse, we can't get in contact with Nicole or Regiki
    Blaster: Send me the coordinates of the epicenter, I'm going in

  • -An 8 year old boy is talking to me, his blue eyes in awe. He's got blonde hair.-Boy: You're a hero!
    Scott: No I'm not. I've done some bad things".
    Boy: I'm Tommy and I think you're a hero.
    Scott: Get your facts straight, boy.
    Girl: What's your name?
    -A girl with red hair asks me a question. I look to see she's a six year old girl.-
    Scott: Name's Scott.
    Girl: I'm Anna.
    Scott: Nice name.
    Anna: Thanks.
    Scott: No problem.
    -I have a flask of beer open and I take a swig.-
    Scott: I'm supposed to be on exile, but I can't leave you guys alone.
    Anna: Um... Scott?
    Scott: Yes?
    Anna: My parents are dead... Could you take care of me?
    -I put an arm around her and she giggles.-
    Scott: Of course I can.
    -I fall asleep and see Flaras getting the message. She has a look of shock in her eyes and she starts crying. I feel a wave of guilt hits me. I was a coward, since I didn't tell her my true feelings. I wake up in a cold sweat.-
    Scott: Oh god...
    -I take another drink out of my flask and try to fall asleep.-

  • Nicole: Am sorry regiki am so sorry i have to do this......

    Regiki: what.....

    Nicole: data sync with your taint powers

    Regiki: dont... i can send your data to blaster

    Nicole: But you will die....

    Regiki: i cant let you

    Nicole: DATA SYNC ACTIVE!!!!!!!

    Regiki: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    *regiki starts to transform*

    tainted regicole: WOW..... this is cooler than the last but i can not let nicole do this for nothing

    *regiki has huge chunky vis thrusters for feet and two tiny thrusters on his back. the taint crystal appears in his chest and his skin turns hard and purple. giant spikes appear from his head and his hair spikes up. his eyes change shape and start to glow . massive fangs from his top jaw appear. ancient metallic armor appears all over him*

    tainted regicole: i MUST stop this.......

  • *Blaster walks into the main room, Everyone has recovered from their battle
    Blaster: We have a situation, unstable levels of Taint has appeared in the Digital World. I'm going to do some damage control there, You three

    *Points to Thalia, Sirius and Frosa
    Blaster: Feel free to join the trip in order to leave
    Frosa: If something is happening there, we're helping, agreed
    Thalia and Sirius: Agreed
    Blaster: Ok

    *To Flaras and Electos
    Blaster: We're all needed for this, do you guys think you can handle this
    Flaras: Of course
    Blaster: Get ready to teleport then

    *In the Digital World
    Blaster: Incoming!!!

    *A bolder of tainted stone is thrown at the group
    Blaster: Terriermon, Lopmon, Realize!
    Frosa: Betamon, Realize!
    Thalia: Lunamon, Realize!
    Sirius: Gotsumon, Realize!
    Flaras: Candlemon, Realize!
    Electos: Elecmon, Realize!

    *Looks up to see a Devimon being corrupted by the taint
    Blaster: Looks like this guy isn't going to let us pass
    Frosa: Then lets make him move
    Blaster: Agreed
    Everyone: DIGIMODIFY!!!

    *Swipes card
    Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...
    Lopmon: Lopmon, digivolve to...
    Betamon: Betamon, digivolve to...
    Lunamon: Lunamon, digivolve to...
    Gotsumon: Gotsumon, digivolve to...
    Candlemon: Candlemon, digivolve to...
    Elecmon: Elecmon, digivolve to...

    *Digivolution process completes
    Gargomon: GARGOMON!!!
    Turuiemon: TURUIEMON!!!
    Seadramon: SEADRAMON!!!
    ???: LEKISMON!!!
    ???: ICEMON!!!
    Wizardmon: WIZARDMON!!!
    ???: LEOMON!!!

  • Scott: Dear god...
    -I keep getting visions of Flaras crying. I grab my flask and I take a swig. I keep drinking until it's empty. I feel like I need more alcohol.-
    Scott: Make it stop, PLEASE!
    -I want to be with Flaras so badly. I long to be with her.-
    Scott: I miss you, Flaras... I'm a coward.
    Anna: Are you okay?
    Scott: Yes.. Nothing you would understand.
    -I find a bottle of beer in my backpack and start drinking it.-

    Gargomon: Whats happening?

    *The taint in Devimon causes it to implode on itself, killing it
    Sirius: What the hell is this stuff?
    Electos: Taint, negative magical energy.
    Thalia: Magic shouldn't exist here
    Blaster: That's why this isn't normal taint
    Flaras: Regiki?

    *Blaster nods
    Blaster: Put these on

    *Hands the group special masks
    Frosa: What are these for?
    Blaster: To protect us from the taint, call everyone back in case they become corrupted to

    *Everyone returns their partners to the Gauntlets and starts running towards the epicenter of the Taint

  • Scott: I need to go somewhere...
    -I go up to the main tower office and hang out there.
    Scott: I miss Flaras.
    -I'm coming off a hangover, and I lock the tower room. I start crying.-
    Scott: I love her....
    -I am a coward, because I didn't tell her my feelings. I want to drink more beer, but I don't. I have the shakes.-
    Anna: Are you okay?
    Scott: Yes. Please go away.
    -I see another vision of Flaras crying and I break down.-

  • Scott: DRAGON'S FURY!
    -I transform into my Darkus armor, then my witherdragon form. I fly out the window and breathe fire into the forest, burning it and spreading all over.-
    Tempest: SCOTT, STOP!
    -Tempest appears with her usual stormy grey eyes, then I see her wings, probaly magic of some kind.-
    Scott: NO!
    -I use a dimensional rift and I use it to project a shadow attack at Tempest's location, striking her and causing her to yell in pain.-
    Tempest: THUNDER BOLT!
    -A lightning bolt, accompanied by deafening thunder, hits me and starts burning me. I yell in intense pain.-
    Scott: SHADOW MORPH!
    -I morph into the wither and start hurling wither skulls at her, one hitting her and the other heading towards the academy, demolishing one room.-
    Tempest: VALKRYIE'S FURY!
    -I see multiple women appear, with white wings and various weapons.-
    Scott: Easy.
    -One flies towards me and I try to block her spear attacks, but she overpowers me and stabs me in the rib cage with her spear.I turn back into my human form from the pain, and go tumbling down with the spear still in me.

  • Scott: AHHH!
    -I feel my left leg and my arm break. I'm in intense pain and I cry. I can't handle it anymore. I see a valkryie walk over to my body, on the ground.-
    Scott: WITHER SKULL!
    -I generate a wither skull and throw it at her. She uses a beam of energy to destroy it.-
    Valkryie: Give up, you feeble boy.
    Scott: No.... never giving up on her.
    -She walks over to me and kicks my head. Blood starts filling my mouth. I try to crawl away and she plants a boot firmly on my chest.-
    Valkyrie: You give me no choice.
    -She slams her mace into my right arm, breakig it. I cry out and I see another Valkyrie walk up and she starts talking to her.-
    Valkyrie: This is enough, Monica.
    Monica: Fine, June.
    -I see them fly off, leaving me alone, bleeding, and crippled.-

  • *The portal opens, returning everyone to Blaster's house, Blaster and Electos are carrying a unconscious Regiki and Nicole
    Frosa: How do we know those plant...things will control that stuff?
    Blaster: We don't

    *Sets the two down on the couch
    Blaster: Electos, keep an eye on them. I need to go do something very quickly
    Electos: What is it
    Blaster: I'll explain latter

    *Walks up to a upper level that has three Nexuses in it.
    Blaster: ...Thanks Kai

    *Blaster walks into the middle and brings out the Solaris Emerald
    Blaster: Mana Tornado!

    *The stored mana in each of the nexuses revolve around Blaster
    Blaster: Lock On!!!

    *Pinpoints two points of high magic
    Blaster: AQUATIC SUMMON!!!

    *Blaster teleports to one of the magic points, a ruined city
    Scott: Ugh...huh?

    *Mana energy rapidly revive him of the injuries he sustained and teleports him to the ruined city
    Scott: Where the hell am I?
    Blaster: I'm not surprised that you don't remember

    *Scott turns around to see Blaster
    Blaster: Considering that this is the place where it happened
    Scott: How did you get me here?
    Blaster: Your not the only one with the power to teleport. However I need to call on three powers to use it
    Scott: Which are?
    Blaster: I need three different types of Mana, Mana being the first type and the strongest, I also need the powers of the Solaris emerald and some chaos energy
    Scott: Chaos energy, like the...
    Blaster: Chaos emeralds, yes. In order to return to my human form I used the chaos emeralds that Bolts had collected, the Solaris emerald still holds remnants of that power.
    Scott: I see
    Blaster: I didn't bring you here to tell you that, come with me

    *They walk down a street to a building near the center of the city. Unlike the rest of the buildings, it has a large chunk of its wall missing. They walk inside
    Blaster: Welcome to Old Magarus City.
    Scott: Why does that name seam so familiar?
    Blaster: I believe that this is the place you were born, I do however know that this was the place where your mother died
    Scott: How do you know this?
    Blaster: Because I hold myself responsible for it.
    Scott: WHAT!!!

    *Draws his sword
    Blaster: Put it away and let me speak, I assure you it wasn't my intention

    *Lowers sword
    Scott: Tell me what you know
    Blaster: After the spambots fused my DNA with Blaziken, I became a mercenary. I wandered from town to town, city to city, looking for work protecting people while I made my way to Greg Tech. The Mayor of Magarus City begged me to help them evacuate by acting as a distraction while the population fled. I drew them into the main square...

    *In story
    Blaster: Keep your eyes on me mettle heads

    *Back flips over the fleet
    Spambot: Life signs detected, commence fire
    Blaster: What!!!

    *The Spambots start shooting the wall of a building
    Blaster: Oh no you don't, FLAMETHROWER!!!

    *Out of story
    Scott: That's why I remember the flames...
    Blaster: Yes. After I dealt with the spambots, I came in here to look for survivors

    *In story
    Blaster: Anyone here?
    Scott: Huh???

    *Sees Blaster
    Blaster: Come with me
    Scott: NO!

    *Runs out of the house
    Blaster: STOP, COME BACK
    Scott's Mother: Wait...

    *The voice was weak
    Blaster: Hm?

    *Sees the woman, there is rubble pinning her to the ground
    Blaster: Hang on, I'll get you out of there
    Scott's Mother: Don't it's to late for me
    Blaster: It isn't. I can get you to the others
    Scott's Mother: Please, hear my words. I believe it was destiny that you two should meet. Tell him this when the time is right.

    *Out of story
    Blaster: "Only when he can grow from the past can the light of darkness ignite". Your mother told me to keep you safe until you were ready
    Scott: Then why didn't you?
    Blaster: After what happened, you were terrified of me. I told a man who you were close to raise you. It wasn't till the Twilight Forrest that I saw you again.

    *Walks over to a un damaged portion of the wall. Blaster pulls back a panel to reveal a safe and opens it. Inside are the Solaris Emerald of Darkness and a Pokeball.
    Blaster: Your mother also wanted me to give these to you when the time was right

    *Gives them to Scott
    Scott: Why didn't you give these to me sooner
    Blaster: You ran off before I could

    *Scott turns to the hole
    Scott: What do I do now?
    Blaster: You have a choice, you can either return to the ruin of the Mage school, or you can return to the fight. I cannot make that choice for you

    *Pulls out a Link book
    Blaster: One last thing Scott, I have received word on your sister's surgery. The operation was a success, she is expected to make a full recovery
    Scott: Thankyou for telling me
    Blaster: Good luck Scott

    *Teleports back to his house

  • -I'm fighting back tears.-
    Scott: My mother died for this. I can't give up now... SHADUS ENERGIZE!
    -I transform into black plated armor with purple glowing lines and runes on the plates. I get a helmet made of.... dark matter? I realize the plates are also dark matter. I gain an aura of darkness around me, but I don't feel evil.-
    -I shadow travel to Blaster's house and see Flaras on the couch. I pull the face guard up on my old-style helmet. She sees it and her eyes widen. I transform out of the armor and hug her.-
    Scott: ... I love you, Flaras. I want to be with you, and I'm sorry for leaving. I deserved to have all my limbs broken for leaving.
    Flaras: What?
    Scott: It's a long story. But it doesn't matter anymore. It was the past, and my mother died to get me here. I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.

  • *In a corner of the room
    Blaster: How are the taint levels in the Digital World
    Electos: They're stable, the plants that we placed to control the spread are working, but the taint isn't going away
    Blaster: I'll prepare another batch of them, we need to get the taint under control before we can continue

  • Scott: And, what's in here?
    -I open up the pokeball to find a figure appears in front of me. It's floating above the ground, and its torso is a dark black, with a circle of red spikes around its neck, with a white head and blue eyes. It has stilt-like appendages in place of legs.-
    Darkrai: ...dark...

    Scott: Um, Blaster, what Pokemon is this?
    Blaster: That's Darkrai. It's a powerful Pokemon.
    Scott: Oh....

  • Darkrai: Scott.
    -I hear it speak telepathically. It's a neutral voice, not female or male.-
    Scott: Wha- You can talk!
    Darkrai: Of course I can, what do you think I am?
    Scott: Nevermind... Hey, Aaron, you feeling well?
    -I see her and I charge at her, hugging her.-
    Aaron: Woah, calm down, hehe. Yeah, I'm fine.
    -She giggles and I walk over to Flaras, kissing her and hugging her and feeling great. I can finally express my feelings to her.-
    Flaras: Scott, calm down. I'm here and so are you-
    Scott: And I love you, Flaras.
    -I'm hugging her and I see Darkrai staring at me from the corner, ominously.-

  • *Blaster checks the AE network
    Blaster: Ok, the second batch is ready

    *Frosa walks up to Blaster and Electos
    Frosa: Why is he so happy to see those two. he has only been gone for a few days
    Blaster: While I can't speak about his reaction to Flaras, his reaction to Aaron is understandable
    Frosa: How so?
    Blaster: Wouldn't you be behaving the same way if a loved one was, in essence, brought back from the dead?
    Frosa: Hmph
    Blaster: We need to get the next batch into the Digital world to control the taint. Can you two, Sirius and Thalia handle it
    Frosa: Planting a few plants, childs play
    Blaster: In that case, the portal is ready. I'm going to check on Regiki and Nicole, after I have finished there, I will need to do some work with Scott to help him with these new powers. Keep me informed on your progress.

  • Darkrai: Wake up, Scott.
    Scott: Okay, Darkrai....
    -I wake up with Flaras in my arms, and I gently put her down on the couch.-
    Darkrai: It's time to train with your new powers.
    -We go down to the training room.-
    Darkrai: Alright, summon some dark matter.
    -I concentrate and I see a dark ball appear in the center of the room.-
    Darkrai: Morph it into a spike and throw it at the target.
    -I manipulate it to be a spike and I hurl it at the target. It sticks in the center.-
    Darkrai: That's good. I think we're done here, just practice a bit more.
    Scott: DARK STORM!
    -A dark cloud appears over the target, and dark matter shards rain down on it, sticking in it.-
    Scott: I think I like this better than the Darkus crystal...