The spambot wars season 3

  • * chaos teleports to blaster and the others*

    chaos: sorry. i cant face him alone. even i cant. i see you have quite the crew now. i remember being forced to use my taint powers and nearly destroying the digital world and you saving me... WAIT i have said too much shit

  • Blaster: Its goo to see you again, but for now we have a bigger issue
    High Spambot Leader: HAH, do you think these insects can stop me. Remember that data we obtained from your systems. We found another piece of technology that you were developing, remember "Fusion"
    Blaster: Oh no...

    *Ship hulls start breeching the shield
    High Spambot Leader: Your shield may be strong enough to stop my forces, but not me and anything linked to me
    Scott: What is this "Fusion"?
    High Spambot Leader: This. Execute Fusion protocol Alpha

    *The Ships start slamming into the High Spambot Leader, shifting the armor plates and combining into a new form
    Flaras: Show time, PYRUS UNITY ENERGIZE!

    *At the Alter
    Solaris: It is time to unlock the Elemental weapons

    *Beams of light are shot at the nine of them while they are transforming
    Solaris: MAria, Kai it is time for you to gain the boost you will need to win this
    Chaos: Regiki, If we fuse, you will have the power you need to help stop him, but you will need to call forth Nicole's life force so that you can accept it. She will also be givin the strength need to win this,
    Regiki: Ok

  • -Scott's POV.-
    Scott: Wow...
    -I gain a spear made of obsidian and dark matter. It has runes on it which glow purple. I feel stronger than ever before.-
    Scott: Let's do this!
    -I ready my weapon, and I feel destiny unfolding.-
    Scott: Pure darkness pierces the barrier of the two worlds... That must be me. I'm ready for this!

  • *Blaster's armor looks like a fusion of his normal and Darkness. Armor plates of Water and Light add thickness to his arms and the shadow spike arms are now made of Light, they can now also morph into wings. The pattern on his armor is now golden with pure blue. Two swords made of Water form.
    Blaster: I'll make you regret the day you picked this planet to terrorize, BLASTER PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Flaras's armor appears to be a mix of her regular armor and a Phoenix, Fire wings now appear from her back and some of her armor plates are now made of solid light. Like Blaster, the pattern on her armor is now golden but with pure red. Like her regular armor, fiery hair bursts out of the back of her head A arm cannon appears, covering her right hand.
    Flaras: Time to turn up the heat, FLARAS PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Electos's armor now has pure electrical cables running along his body. Electrical syphoons are on his back, drawing in any electricity in the area. Gold and Yellow with light blue outlines now make up the pattern on his body. A new axe, bursting with electricity now appears.
    Electos: It will be interesting seeing how your made while I rip you to shreds, ELECTOS PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Metal Bird wings appear on Sarah's back with talons on the end of them. Bird legs and feet surround her regular legs. Her upper arms and shoulders are covered by vines and leaves while her elbows down resemble her original arms. Vines now act as her hair and a mallet staff, lighter then air while causing severe damage now acts as her weapon.
    Sarah: The lives you took are beyond repent able. SARAH PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Frosa's armor resembles a knight, with a Ice Lance and Shield now acting as his weapons
    Frosa: Not just on this world, but all the others aswell. FROSA PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Thalia's Armor now resembles a guardian angle with golden battle armor. Wings made of pure light appear on her back and a Light Staff appears, channeling her powers
    Thalia: There is only so much destruction one an achieve. THALIA PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Sirius's armor looks like it can take a nuclear bomb and not get scratched. The armor is bulky and amplifies is brute strength. Two Melee Shields appear on his arms with concieled blades and explosive weapons.
    Sirius: Before one will be punished for their crimes. SIRIUS PURE GUARDIAN MODE!!!

    *Terasa's armor in comparison is light, bearing a resemblance to a ninja. Two regular swords appear on her back and a Golden Bow, reinforced in order to also be used as a double bladed sword appears in her hand.
    Terasa: We draw the line here. TERASA PURE GUARDIAN MODE

    *At the Alter
    Solaris: Kai, This armor will make you unhearable, you will not be able to be spotted by anyone you don't want to see you and these weapons are as silent as the night sky. Maria, these battle robes and staff can amplify your vis powers to incomparable levels.
    Maria: Never did like robes
    Kai: Get over it

    *Nicole's essence is given a new form
    Nicole: What?

    *A Mana Staff appears alongside battle robes
    Solaris: These will amplify your Mana Strength to take down anything
    Nicole: Wait, What?

  • Scott: When you killed my mother, you signed your death certificate. SCOTT PURE GUARDIAN MODE!
    -A purple blinding light is projected, and after 10 seconds, it reveals me. I'm in a plate armor with runes all over it. I have a helmet shaped like a dragon, and a purple aura is around me. My elemental weapon spear is now a glowing purple and black tip.-
    Scott: And now, darkness will bring light.

  • Regiki: its time

    Chaos: ok but one more thing. my brother, scott its time for you aswell

    *Chaos places his hand on scotts chest*

    Chaos: the seal is already damaged. this will be easier. AWAKEN MY BROTHER. ORDER! AND REGIKI FUSE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Chaos and regiki fuse and scott turns into order but has full control this time*

    regaos: wow i feel amazing but why cant i hear chaos anymore.

    * the chaos fragment falls to the ground and turns to ash*

    regaos: chaos is already gone.. he just did this for me to help save minecraftia. somehow i feel the same. memories i never had are flowing through me but somehow am in those memories. my mother. my farther. brother, sister. order,agony

  • Order: All that remains after Chaos is... Order.
    -There are now shadow tentacles coming out of my back.-
    -I use my spear to charge up a dimensional rift.-
    Order: Let's stop stalling!

  • Blaster Pure Guardian Mode: Agreed

    *Everyone, including the Digimon, Mega form Pokémon and the Legendaries start charging at the High Spambot Leader who has now finished fusing
    ???: Don't count us out
    Blaster Pure Guardian Mode: Huh?

    *Sees two Mewtwos
    Blaster: Mewtwo!
    Mewtwo: Thanks for the help then, but I also want a piece of this guy
    Mewtwo: Me two

    *The Two transform, the one Blaster rescued becomes Mega Mewtwo X while the other becomes Mega Mewtwo Y
    Blaster Pure Guardian Mode: Thanks

    *To High Spambot Leader
    Blaster: One side isn't leaving this place alive.

    -I slash at the High Spambot Leader, and a rift in reality opens, tearing off some of the armor, and sucking it into nothingness.-
    High Spambot Leader: Gah! YOU INSOLENT LITTLE WORM!
    -He kicks me into a wall, but I almost immediately jump up.-

  • regaos: TEMPORAL DISTORTION!!!!!!

    *all of a sudden regaos disappears and reappers behind the high spambot leader. theres a starch mask running through the high spambot leader

    high spambot leader: you can power up i see so can i. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    *the high spambot leader chest turns into a huge ring and his arms extend and energy collectors pop out from his arms. a unknown crystal appears in his head. his legs disappear.*

    high spambot leader: hahaha

    *the high spambot leader grabs blaster but order and regaos combine there power into one*

    regaos + order: TEMPORAL DIMENSIONAL RIFT BOMB!!!!!

    high spambot leader: dam you

    * the high spambot leader drops blaster and regaos summons a shield under him to break the fall*

    blaster + regaos + order: UNIWATER DESTROYER!!!!!!

    high spambot leader: how can you hope to win

  • High Spambot leader: Wait, I know

    *Releases a Blast at Mojang City, leveling all the buildings and destroying the generator. Spambot Ships start swarming the planet
    High Spambot Leader: Fusion Protocol 2, Activate

    *Half the ships start fusing to the High Spambot Leader's body, his size is now almost the size of the moon. More Spambot Ships leave warp and start shooting down Blaster's Battleships
    Blaster: We can't give up now, come on
    Flaras, Electos and Sarah: Right behind you

    *They Jump into the air
    Blaster, Flaras, Electos and Sarah: FUSION BLAST

    *The Blast hits the High Spambot Leader's chest
    Blaster: MegaGargomon, take the other Digimon and secure Mojang City. Get any survivors out of the area
    MegaGargomon: Got it

  • Order: Justimon, go with him!
    -Justimon nods, going with Blaster's partner.-
    -Shadow clones of myself appear around me, but they have a gold aura. I use my spear, charging up dark energy.-
    Order: DARK MAGIC!
    -As I yell this, a mass of dark energy gets hurled at the enemy. The Spambot Leader starts to yell in pain as he's corroded.-
    -I yell this, readying my spear as we run at the High Spambot Leader.-

  • Terasa: Ravemon, you to
    Sarah: Rosemon...
    Rosemon: I know I know

  • Order: RAH!
    -The strikes simply deflect off of his armored body. He's becoming too powerful for me.-
    High Spambot Leader: Hah, you pathetic humans. Why try to fight back? You're only making it worse!
    -He knocks me aside, into the wall. He grabs me, pressing my neck against the wall. He starts choking me. My life flashes before my eyes.-

  • Terasa: EARTH CUTTER!!!

    *Two blades hit the High Spambot Leader in the points connecting the armor plates, causing a crossed circuit and forcing him to drop Order
    Order: *Cough. Thanks
    Terasa: Don't mention it

  • -I wonder what's beneath those robes.-
    Order: Ow... God.
    -I rub my neck, gasping in pain.-
    High Spambot Leader: YOU WRETCH!
    -He yells in pain, as a knife pierces between his armor plates. I see Kai, in a determined look. She makes no sound as she runs towards me.-
    Kai: Maria's here too.
    Order: Good. Hey, Flaras.
    Flaras: Yeah?
    Order: Weld his feet together. We'll have an advantage then.

  • Flaras: Alright. Blaster i'll need your help with this.
    Blaster: Got it

    *The two super heat and quickly chill his feet and ankles, limiting his mobility

  • -He topples over, and his titanic leg falls onto my body. My arm gets broken, and I howl in pain. I turn back into Scott from the trauma.-
    Scott: AGHHHH!

  • Sirius: HANG ON!!!

    *Uses his strength to lift the leg to free Scott
    Sirius: Watch where your standing
    Scott: This isn't the time to be making jokes
    Sirius: Yeah I know, Hang on

    *Takes Scott over to Mega Gardevoir and Mega Lucario who use a combined Heal Pulse to recover his strength
    Scott: Thanks
    Sirius: That's not permanent, but it might help

    *Sees Blaster, Flaras, Electos and Sarah move to the High Spambot Leader
    Blaster: FUSION WAVE!!!
    Sarah: FUSION GALE!!!
    Flaras: FUSION FLARE!!!
    Electos: FUSION BOLT!!!

  • -I run over with my spear, charging up another blast of energy when I'm knocked off my feet by another blast of energy.-
    Scott: Damnit!
    -I look to see Maria, and I smile.-
    Scott: Good to see we've got everyone.