Nuclear Tower of Power (7,200 EU/t)

  • I've come up with a much more compact layout for the tower itself.
    Each 6x6 layer contains 8 RedNet cables, 4 glass fiber cables, and 12 separate 1-chamber reactors.
    This design doesn't leave any room for AE stuff though- but it works quite well using Factorization Routers to insert uranium cells and extract depleted cells. You'll need an item filter to prevent the second router from pulling the wrong stuff, which is a hassle to make, but two routers and a logic matrix PER TOWER are probably cheaper than all the AE components used by the OP. Even if you don't already have any Factorization infrastructure at all.

    You'll have power loops if you do it that way. You don't want a square of four glass fibre cables anywhere in the design.

    I don't trust routers to be able to handle this kind of situation. Every time I've tried, Bad Things started happening.

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    There are no Powerloops in that Design. All these Reactors are outputting Energy and therefor dont loop. Not to mention that IC² cant even loop Power unless you connect the Output of an Energy Storage Block with the Input.

  • I don't trust routers to be able to handle this kind of situation. Every time I've tried, Bad Things started happening.

    Use them or don't- the choice is a little diamond, iron, and time, or a ton of quartz.

    Anyway, here's what I set up to automate just one layer of my layout with the OP's design inside each reactor.
    Keep in mind that the two routers shown here reactors will happily manage all the nukes in the entire tower.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Place all the non-fissile components into the reactors BEFORE you hook up the routers. If you wish, you may use the routers and your AE system to populate said components for you- but this can get a bit complicated (and time-consuming), so I don't recommend it for anyone who's not already familiar with routers.

    You see two routers, with a Precise Export Bus and an ME Interface in between. Note that both routers are touching the block of nukes- this is very important, as it allows the routers to inject fresh double cells and remove depleted cells when the old cells expire.

    The router on the left is configured as follows (all pages of the GUI (click the "--" button to change pages) are shown in one image):

    Note the Machine Filter and Speed upgrades. The speed upgrade is not very important in this case- but at four dark iron, four sugar, and a cake, it's not terribly expensive. Thoroughness (dark iron and soul sand) could be another option, if you want the router to completely fill the first reactor before moving on to the next one, rather than putting one uranium here and another there. But that's a matter of preference.

    The export bus is configured to fill the left-hand router with double uranium cells, crafting as necessary.
    The Interface is entirely unconfigured, and will instantly import any items pumped into it into the ME network.

    The other router uses an Item Filter, a Speed Upgrade, and an Auto-Ejector Upgrade. Speed, as before, is optional, while Thoroughness and Bandwidth could be other options. Bandwidth (Dark Iron, Blaze Powder, and an Egg) would make it pull each stack of depleted cells at once, instead of pulling each individual cell one at a time. It would be a small speed boost, seeing as double cells only produce pairs of depleted cells, but a boost nonetheless.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to configure the Item Filter with a depleted cell BEFORE switching the router to Extract mode. If you don't heed this warning, the router may well devour your pre-configured reactors one by one, and dump them into your ME network. Also note that the ME Interface is on the northern side of this router- which also happens to be the side marked with a blue line in-world. Handy trick, that, and one that would be useful in most mods that implement blocks with side configurations in their GUIs.

    And, finally, from this one layer of a rather powerful nuclear tower, I get

    2160 EU/t. Yes, I know that MFSU will eat most of it, this was all a demonstration.

    If you stare at my avatar hard enough, you'll notice that it consists of three triangular rings, interlocked in such a way that if you were to remove any one of them, the other two would be free to float apart.