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    Yeah most of those things are already planned in some way, but not all of them. ;)

    Have you tried looking at other Pages in NEI? You can literally use Sulfur alone to make SO2 and then SO3.

    I found a problem on my GregTech6 server.When I place a machine of GregTech6 on the ground,it will randomly disappear.Sometimes it will also happens when I log out and log in again. There are also some other tech mods and some plugins like FastLogin and Essentials on my server. Has anyone ever met the same problem before? Is it because of the network delay or the incorrect configuration of the plugins?

    Yeah that is 100% your plugins fault. There is a reason why modders dont support those Servers at all, because they break everything in unpredictable ways.

    also I was just about to say there is a GT6 Update, so there does the rest of you go

    ...its output slots aren't full of garbages...

    Wait really? Lemme doublecheck that, I did not think of that usage but my Code could make this possible.

    ... Yep it definitely works that way. ^^

    By the way, Greg. At first I thought that I could use the "Auto Redstone Machine Switch" to control my Matter Replicator so it replicates one and only one Iridium ingot when I give it a redstone pulse, no matter how much matter is in its input tank. But actually it doesn't work as I expected because when the machine finally finishes replicating the ingot, the cover doesn't detect that (because the machine is still in the "possible" state due to the excess matter input), and the machine returns to its long long, Long, SERIOUSLY LONG work for the next ingot to replicate. I guess I can use the "success" detector in combination with other kind of covers in this case but wasn't really sure if it was how it's supposed to work. Was it your intention?

    (I'm doing it with 4 amperes of HV lasers. No, I don't have enough power generation rate to do it with EV or even IV!)

    There was something I made that was supposed to do 1 item at a time. Just not sure what it was...

    ... Well that is 100% impossible with the current Code, it starts a new Recipe in the same tick that it finished the old one, so no matter what you do, it will still consume the next Recipe. I need to do something that fixes that without breaking shit...

    How does "Activity detector (possible)" work? Maybe it is similar to "Automatic machine switch"?

    possible = there is a recipe that could be processed (or the Machine is currently running)

    running = the machine is running for whatever reason regardless of if there is a Recipe or not

    active = the machine processes an actual Recipe right now

    success = only on whenever a Recipe has been succcessfully processed, usually one tick pulses, but recipes that just take one tick might result in a large constant redstone output until everything is done.

    No Rock Layers = old Worldgen, so you wont miss out on anything.

    GT5U ist nicht von mir gemacht worden, es ist ein Port von einer uralten GregTech Version die ich schon längst aufgegeben habe. Ausserdem ist das nicht mein Git Repository, ich habe eigentlich gar keins (bis jetzt).

    Hier ist der ort an dem du das eigentlich sagen wolltest

    Tungsten: last time i played (~1y ago), centrifuging lava was an option. But you have to have quite large volumes of it to build at least a crucible and some molds.

    Yeah you cant Centrifuge Lava anymore for Tungsten. You get something else as 6th Product now.

    Tungsten. There are several tungsten containing ores, like huebnerite, tungstate, scheelite, ferberite, wolframite, etc. How to refine it? Somehow get dusts from some tungsten contained ore. Bath that dust in hydrochloric acid. Then dry it in dryer. Then mix with hydrogen. That will give you tungsten dust, which can be melted in a good enough crucible.

    Titanium. Get rutile or ilmenite dusts. Burn it in a burner mixer (with chlorine, carbon source, molten calcite) to get titanium perchlorate (?). Bath that titanium perchlorate with sodium or magnesium to get titanium dust (magnesium is better for closed loops).

    Good luck!

    Yep, pretty much this ^