(SUggestion): Luminators - Capacity

  • I already got this problem and I can't wait to have my luminators with a less inner energy storage. ^^
    But, for the redstone, how you could control by redstone your luminators with hidding the redstone wires ? By example, if I put my lumators into the ceilling, I can hide the electric cable, but not the redstone wire. At least if a way to send a redstone signal by cable would exists?

    I think you can CF spray the cables, encasing them in CF blocks, which do transmit a RS signal, afaik.

    EDIT: This thread is pretty old.

  • Yes I know that this subject is pretty old but I've preferred to put my idea here instead to create another new subject for a suggestion that already exists.
    I can hide the cables, but the redstone wires, how to hide them? XD

    To return to the subject, I think just reduce the luminator capacity could be right. ^^