Suggestion: world generation

  • This are not some item, block or structure. This is idea! Add industrial generations in world. For example old (abandoned) nuclear reactor. Can invent a lot of things. Just answer: What do you think of this idea?
    Just create special topic for this. And people given you many generation!

  • I'm pretty sure Industrial Ruins or such were suggested already, but it wasn't denied. It was more like ignored ^^

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • The outcome of that would be people acquiring machines that are already ridiculously cheap

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  • This would be cool. Seeing an abandoned nuclear powerplant that melted down, or a forgotten factory in the middle of nowhere (including rails outside, broken in some spots, as to suggest that there were tracks leading to/from it, bringing in/taking out resources/products)
    Let's hope this gets more support.

  • This was suggested back in IC 1, then several times more with the release of villages; denied every single time.

    P.S. Just saw a video from 1.5_01 (beta), wow mods have come really far since then...

  • It would indeed be cool, but as Viper8797 said, everyone would get ridiculously cheap machines, and just fly around looking for more.

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