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    While crude, this is true. However, there are several of these items in the to-do list and a part of the fun in IC2 is the generators. And if you have greg tech, given the huge increase on power consumption for the mass fab, it becomes necessary to have a big power grid. Also, if you build a city in SP it is basically useless, but if in MP you take on yourself to provide power to everybody, you will need a HUGE facility, if the server is big enough.

    Once managed one in a server... till a nuclear meltdown hit our nuke storage (dont ask me why that was there :/ )

    Hoverboards would be cooler and less derpy ;p
    Remember, though, it cant go over water unless its the advanced model

    You might actually be onto something... a hoverboat, the behaviour of a boat, but faster, so far there is no mod that adds faster boats... (perhaps one i saw earlier that added several ship models)

    Hoverboat... behaves like a boat, does not break, needs to be charged with EU or it wont move, and the advanced model can go trough land, Slower, maybe using the pig/horse behaviours.

    Give it the star wars trooper bike model and i will jump into my trooper biker skin. Then i reskin Thaumcraft golems too look like Ewoks and get my ass owned on a Endor like map

    ... fusion reactors ...

    WHAT ? One can have Fusion Reactor without GT ? I assume you mean AS, *ofcourse* ? ^^

    Course potato, i cant just play IC without GT, it is crucial, and my 5 fusion reactors are a part of my daily life XD

    Too OP. Get some renewable energy sources or nuclear and fusion reactors and you pretty much have infinite power and whatever item you want.

    OP ALERT! ALREADY SUGGESTED ALERT! CHEAP DESCRIPTION ALERT! Sir, looks like we have a 23-19 over here, code Red, call tango-Charlie-Omega-alpha-marylin-Johnson-Beta 1-7-3

    Now seriously, this has already been suggested before, and denied, not only is food easy to obtain, and leather aswell, (bones are harder given most people hate mob farms). Also, for it to be viable it would need huge EU cost and resources.

    Also, like Nasty pointed out, UUM can do most of this already.

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    It would be so usefull for server mods and for test worlds!

    1st: A map like Skyblock, is not intended that you obtain what is not present.

    2nd: I dunno about nether quartz, maybe, EU cost depending on rarity.

    3rd: Tree saplings... honestly thats a bit useless. Could be added, but personally, i would rather the devs focus on something else.

    4th: Uranium... useless, the only reason you would create it with UUM would be nukes, following the rational idea that it costs more UUM than what its able to produce, but that wouldnt even be easy to do, different reactor layouts and interactions with other mods would create more or less power from uranium.

    Three words: Glass Fiber Cables

    I know they are not as cool as "plastic fiber nano tubes", but if we had a cable with low energy loss made from scrap, it would be OP.

    For completely lossless cables, check greg tech superconductor. I am NOT going to talk about the cost :D

    I think it should be called a "combustion generator", which would function like it has been suggested. Another possibility would be to simply call it an "engine". In that case, it should be a realistic-looking object which you put next to a regular generator, which will then remain on with a higher output than regular, as long as the enigine is present and active. (not sure about whether that would be a multi-block machine or if or why they are unpopular around here, but I thougt I'd suggest it anyway) I also support the idea of it requiring an amount of power to start up properly, it would make it much more realistic.


    Serciously. Do you people roam the bottom of the IC2 forums!?