[Translation IC2/IC2_experimental#124 for Minecraft 1.6.2]Simplified Chinese Translation

  • =============Have updated to the experimental version of IC2!!===========
    =====Current version:For industrialcraft-2_2.0.124-experimental.jar=======
    I would like to share my localization file for zh_CN here.
    The translation is based on the localiztion project for IC2 in a China mod-wiki website(tab.mcbbc.com ).

    Hope the IC team can add it into the mod and any suggestions will be welcome!


    for v1.0.0:
    U can check it here(http://pastebin.com/u0p16K57),and the file uses unicode-tags for making the Chinese characters can be show in game correctly.
    What show in game can be checked here:http://tab.mcbbc.com/lang_list.php?c=2

    for v1.1(IC2_ex version)
    Updated everything new in the experimental version of IC2!

    Download the file below:

  • Thanks for the translation.

    Using UTF-8 directly seems to work just fine, see the attached file. Make sure to use an editor capable of using it like Notepad++.

    The transformer upgrade tooltip shows the amount now (Increase energy input tier by %1$s), I have to idea where to add the number myself :D

    Okay,now use UTF-8 directly and added the missing part of the tooltip.
    And have tested it in game,everything is ok. ^^

  • I know you cant get it legitimately but the Miner Pipe Tip (the blocky part at the end of the pipes) is not a pipe.

    The localization of "Induction Furnace" is "Industrial Furnace" when directly translated. My Chinese is a bit rusty but I think there's a better translation for that.

    Other than that, not bad.

    EDIT: Also, is there any reason why (IC) is added to the back of localizations of IC2 items but why (GT) isn't for the GT items?

    EDIT II: You forgot the "report to GregTech Intergalactical" part for the bug block in GT.
    EDIT III: (Or was that changed?)