Crafting Guide—the step-by-step guide to make anything in Minecraft—Now on Mobile & Tablets!

  • I've got a bunch of new things to announce today! First, thanks to a contribution from a fan, Crafting Guide now supports Extra Utilities and Ender Storage. I've also added support for Modular PowerSuits and Simply Jetpacks. Second, I replaced the item picker on the crafting page. Unlike the earlier item picker, this one shows you a picture of the item (so you can be sure you got the right one), and it will let you pick items from different mods which share a name (e.g., the Copper Gear from Forestry or Thermal Expansion). Finally, using the new item picker, I added a site-wide search feature. It will find any item from any mod in your current mod pack and take you directly to that page. Much more convenient!

  • Okay... big changes on the crafting page! Instead of having four little boxes for the various parts of the crafting plan, the new page shows all the steps as one long list. In addition, you get a lot more control over the plan. Now, you can even mark individual steps as complete to get a new crafting plan which doesn't include those items.

    As an example, let's say you're thinking about upgrading your Reinforced Jetpack to a shiny new Resonant Jetpack, you can just mark off the step for the Reinforced Jetpack, and get only the materials and steps for doing the upgrade.

    I'm really pleased with the new crafting page, and I think you're going to love it!

  • Today I launched the second major part of the item description editor: image uploads! As you enter your description, use the markdown notation for an image: ![](image.png) and a empty image preview will show up underneath the editor. Click the button to select an image from your computer. Just be sure to keep the images to a reasonable size (< 750kB, and < 740px by 600px). Feel free to test it out by helping to add some item descriptions!

  • At long last, I've got some more big news about Crafting Guide! I've just finished a completely new crafting algorithm. Instead of just taking the first crafting plan it comes up with, it tries to compute every possible plan, rates them, and then picks the best one. So far, it's already coming up with a few plans which are better than what I could have done by hand!

  • I'm super excited to announce that I've added full multi-block support for Crafting Guide! For example, check out a 5-Core Reactor from Big Reactors, or the 5x5x5 Steel Tank from Railcraft. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Tell me about any multiblocks you'd like to see, and I'll make sure they get added!

  • I've been quiet here for a while, but that's not because the site has been standing still! Of course, there are a whole bunch of new mods: Agricraft, Hydraulicraft, ProjectRed, and Tinker's Construct, just to name a few. More than that, crafting has gotten a major overhaul as well. You can now remove steps from crafting plans, adjust your inventory, and add new items all before hitting a button to get a new plan. It completely changes the experience; try it! And, if that wasn't enough... the entire site has been rewritten from scratch to work on any device from a 30" desktop monitor down to a 4" phone screen! Just imagine working on your next huge build with crafting guide showing your step-by-step crafting plans on your phone... take a look: