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    I have't played since March, but looking through screenshots, the reactor I built outputs 1200Hu/s (I think!), giving me 600EU/t. It's a stable design, so I thought to build 2 of 'em surrounded by reinforced stone. :)

    Here's a cross section of the layout .. Protection is good, if a little unnecessary.

    Here's where the steam goes, each "bank" gives 300EU/t.

    I'd be very interested in seeing your 1350Hu/t design with 1400 Hu/t cooling! :thumbup:

    I don't think heat transfer works like that. If this happens, then it's basically just superheated steam and steam.

    I've finally dived into the "new" (to me!) 5x5 fluid reactor, and the fact that you can keep ramming super heated steam into the kinetic steam generator was fantastic. I can now double my power with half the hardware!

    Here's my journey to discovery playing in creative:

    The layout I'm using, the heat output fluctuates between 780-820, but seems to average out to 800Hu/s which is what I've built around. So far this stays solidly at 0% core temp, so it can run forever .. In theory!

    This is what I built upon discovering this thread (currently disconnecting from reactor). Here's 4 pairs of liquid heat exchangers and their matching steam generators, pumping into a pair of kinetic steam generators. This is a solid build with no issues, and outputs 600EU/t.

    Next is what I'm "finalising" on, before I build it in survival. Same design as above, just stacked on top. I tried to pretty it up with Buildcraft pipes, however they couldn't push the liquid at the throughputs required, so EnderIO it is!

    I've snuck a MFE underneath the kinetic generators, this powers the condenser as the output power cables run right by it. You can see the IC² and AE2 cabling coming out of the bottom also. My only gripe is that the respective cables don't match the rest of the build for a variety of reasons beyond my control. Feel free to suggest ideas!

    Long story short; 800HU/s = 600EU/t using just 2 kinetic steam generators. Neat :thumbup:

    Surely there's no such thing as "too much" in Minecraft, it's essentially a hoarders dream. If the amount bothers you, toss 'em in a recycler.

    Had trouble free internet for almost a year now, not even rebooting the router/modem. Solid.

    Once Dad was trimming vines outside near the underside of the house .. *snip* .. Whoops, that's not a vine .. Yeah, it was the phone line into the house :D Good job he used to work for the phone company, he got it back together quickly. lol

    I occasionally "cheat" if the game crashes and things go missing, or I accidentally dump/drop expensive items into the void.

    I use BC quarries to create giant holes and then fill 'em with stone giving me a blank canvas for creating underground areas, great! Occasionally things'll go goofy when I'm filling in the holes (via BC filler), so I use MC Edit to see if a bat or cow made an empty space just to make sure the hole is 100% full.

    Another is switching into creative while items are processed or something so I don't starve to death. I only do this when I need a ton of something that requires hours of processing as a result.

    Those are just a few things I cheat on and am ok with, it keeps the game from being too monotonous. :)

    I love Big Reactors. I've a small reactor feeding 3 turbines making ~63kRF/t combined, feeding into 3 mining lasers with overhead to run my machines.

    Planning on delving into IC2 nuclear reactors, just getting IC2 infrastructure set up first! :D