Electric Wrench, how to enable lossless mode?

  • What it says in the title.

    I tried holding down M and right clicking like it says on the wiki, I also tried shift + right click (like the Nano Saber), but both don't work. Using latest IC2 experimental.

  • No I don't have Gregtech. When I hover over the electric wrench in the inventory it also says "normal mode" in the tooltip, thats what got me curious about it in the first place. So far I haven't had a single dismantle failure with it though, maybe that feature from Gregtech got added to IC2 too?

  • Looks like you guys were right, the key was conflicting with something else. I was about to ask where to change the keybind when I accidentally noticed that almost all mod keybinds can be found in the control menu. Oh boy, thats a lot of keys there xD

    Thanks for your help :)