Advanced Industrial Craft 2

  • Ok so I am currently developing a mod that changes pretty much every machine in the mod (not all of them). In this thread i will try to submit every thing that i will implement in my mod in future more stuff will be aded. So here what my ideas are i will appreciate (dont blame me my english is not the best) your opinion for whats OP or too nerf. But what does the mod do will you ask well its very simple it makes Upgrades. But not just Upgrades but Advanced Upgrades. I hope that you will like it.
    Blocks:Mk1 charging station for charging many items at one and they go to mk3 for accepting HV and have more storage; Disassemble for dissasembling the advanced upgrade to their components; Upgrade assembler since the advanced ones cant be crafted they are being assembled; Upgrade combiner that lets u combineupgrades(max 3 upgrades per once); Soddering station because there are Upgrades that are more complicated and cant be assembled by the assembler; Pipe former foor making cooling rods(for the reactors of course)thoose are specally for saving space in your reactor for more cells or cooling components;
    Items: RS controller the upgrade that is most enjoyable it controls machines with redstone; Water cooler this will incrase your eficcency without taking more EU(will try to make it compateble with BC so you can put pipes to feed the machines); PCB the basic item for making the more complicated items;
    Thats for today tommorow will write more.

  • Ahh cool ideas, making reactors more worth their costs to run. But one problem you can't cool a reactor with just putting in coolant cells Unless the upgrade will allow coolant cells in those slots to pull x amount of heat per reactor tick or whatever. If that then should have tiers that'll pull more heat per reactor tick when there is a coolant cell in that slot. If not then how is this going to work without the coolant cells being adjacent to fuels/exchangers? I also think the cooling the machines with water is an awesome idea to get both of best worlds (same eu cost at a faster speed). Maybe you can take a step further and have the other cooling options such as IC2 coolant and Ice. According to combustion engines Crushed Ice is the best at the job so that should either lasts longer per mb or get a better buff (or a combo of both). A idea also could be multiblock machines that take in more eu/t but does more per operation so a recycler structure that is 2x2x2 could do 8 per operation at 8 eu/t for 45 ticks. To make these even better worth building bigger is if you make them having to comsume enough eu/t then you can wire up higher voltage without blowing the thing down. So you would need a structure containing 33+ machine in order to wire up MV current. Of course you cannot make a square/rectangular with 33 so you gotta use more in order for it to be valid machine. Once you exceeded 64 blocks then the multiblock will do the operations faster and faster until you got a machine that can do 64 items at once per tick. (so a recycler at full speed could do 64 per tick and spits out ~8 scraps per go around) These things not only going to take up more space than conventional overclocked machines but also would be quite pricy to build. So I thought that a good idea to mention here so let's me know if it's good one. (man these things would looks like real industry machines!)