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    Server is live! Everybody can join but Molten I need your IGN to add you to the whitelist then you can jump in as well. For new comers you'll want to head to my site and fills out the app there or here just fills it out like so

    Agrees to the rules?
    Which are the following

    1. We are PVPing off!
    2. No greifing, any one who does will be processed and will be banned in most cases.
    3. No stealing either, everybody is sharing items/blocks/other entities but you must be working together. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
    4. Don't be an idiot with quarries and loaders of any kind. (a pump only need about a single chunk and not entire 9!)
    5. No abusing bugs (such as that liquid duping extra cells had)
    6. Hard drive space is 50GB so don't goes crazy with Mysticraft (ages will be deleted and you will be treated according on what's level you done it at) Please report anyone who made an excess amount of ages to be processed. Should people of the server as a whole abuse this then I'll limit creation of ages to ops only (me). Oh and ages will be deleted every 2 weeks so if you haven't used them for two weeks their off the disk.
    7. No sailing mouthing! (against one another and you got a ban hammer on the double) That's multicraft control panel sure goes a long way.
    8. No hacking clients or other mods that will cheat your way in. (flying mods are one)
    9. Work together! Anyone found working by themselves will be removed because we rather play more "coop" style than having someone mining up ores and bailing them away for themselves. This one will be lenient so you'll have chances to participate. But basically we don't desire those digging a hole and having their own piles of resources on the server.

    Why you want to join our server?

    and that's all there is to it. Don't forget Molten all you have to do is provide your IGN and you'll be whitelisted on the spot.

    Okay well the opportunity is there just in case you wanna do something anyway for the new several hours. (probably about 20-24 hours from now we'll switch the gears)

    Forget a 2GB cause we're going for the 3GB because thanks to Mjw87 donated 18 bucks to us! Just need those last couple of dimes in order to dig in my commission funds. That's Should be in tomorrow.

    alright yea extraultis is going to make it in and sure I can go and get a download for soulshards as well. Don't forget people you can also help by racking me more referrals via my affiliates link and/or donating directly. I have the link for Group Pay on the site where the affiliates link is so you can pay my client account for Fragnet so you can feels more secure that the money is going right where it's should. :rolleyes: Also the fact the money is paid in a secure fashion with many payment options via Fragnet.

    alright and yea we will be resetting and then you can rejoin from there. I should have the server rolled out tomorrow because sty1sh donated the needed fund for the invoice, Wanna help? head to the website for details!

    Yea don't worry I'm going to do a stress test on one of their 2GB servers once the last couple of dollars rolled in from the maturation process. Because it's is really the world corrupted or is DoanVPS really overselling their "8 hyperthreaded CPU with 16 uqiue threads"? I'm going to find that out once I do once the last couple of bucks rolls in.

    No copy the folders then just put them where the empty folders were and you should be good to go. Dump your Minecraft and start off fresh with forge to make sure that's working then do what I said and you should be good to go. Also the updater gotta go in your computer and not your minecraft and don't run it in dropbox ever. After you do put the folders manually and gave the app the place of both your ind. folder from the dropbox and the Minecraft folder you can use that to update from there. You'll just need to click update once there is a update.

    Ahh someone else abusing chicken chunks limits?? I'm going to get to bottom of this! As an admin I'll dig this abuser to pay, you can't even do this with default configs. I think that is limited to 500 total chunks a player or something and 5k for admins.

    Alright I banned someone who's doesn't care about my hosting.. Quality managed servers are not cheap by any means! I checked the usages and they are not tipping over 50% for both CPU and RAM for two players online (staying around 36% most of the time). I don't host on insufficient hardware like some cheap skates that try to put 20 players on a 4GB server.

    Yea and my control panel have that off so yea. Just supply your email so I can get you hooked up with dropbox and also we got a warehouse facility that you may join us on expanding that to total operational stage. (getting everything done with raw materials like ores)

    Alright you two how about we stop fighting over an unofficial mod update?? I'm just waiting for the real deal but hey let's have fun with ender I/0 as a decent TE replacement. Yea I know those Multifarms are turds but why not use turtle automation instead for chemical free farming?