Best IC2 for MC 1.6.4?

  • I'm putting together a mod pack for myself based upon the latest 1.7.3 launcher, but with the 1.6.4 version of MC. I've been looking at a ton of forums and download sites, and as best I can tell, there isn't a working version of vanilla IC2 (i.e., non-experimental) which works with 1.6.4. It appears I either need to use a version of IC2 experimental, or fall back to 1.6.2. I'm a little wary of using IC2 Experimental due to all the disclaimers (world-crashing bugs, lots of changes, etc), but all the other mods I want are up to 1.6.4, so I'm a little stuck.

    I should mention, all of the non-experimental versions of IC2 I've tried yield the following error message: "IC2: minimum version required is 2.0.140" which (consulting the Jenkins site) appears to be a IC2 experimental build.

    Also, here are the versions of MC & Forge I'm using, as shown on the MC title page:

    • Minecraft 1.6.4
    • MCP 8.11
    • FML
    • Minecraft Forge

    Is there a version of non-experimental IC2 for MC 1.6.4, or do I need to choose either MC 1.6.2 or an experimental version of IC2?


  • You are getting that message because other mods and addons who are integrating with IC2 (such as: Railcraft, Forestry, Nuclear Control, GraviSuite, GregTech...) have migrated to the API for the experimental builds. They will no longer work together with the classic branch.

  • Thanks, I found the culprit. In my case, it was RailCraft. A few versions back, they switched over to the experimental line. Unfortunately, the last build they have which doesn't use the experimental line isn't compatible with 1.6.4, so my initial guess was correct: either go back to 1.6.2 or use the experimental branch.

    I tried taking RailCraft out, but I still couldn't find a compatible version of IC2, so I just decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. I'm now using IC2-exp 2.0.288 with RailCraft, and things seem to be working happily. :)