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    Where can I find info on this?

    62EU/t for my favorite double setup.

    With the additional Compact or Advanced Solar mod, this is really easy to achieve,

    Where is the info for what EU/t really means?

    Having info is one thing but understanding it is another.
    "A miner with a Diamond Drill and OV Scanner will use ~20-24 EU/t due to the higher cost per tool and faster mining speed."

    Or for people like me it's 22 but that's makes an odd tree so use 25.

    What's the least amount of solar panels does it take to use the diamond drill in the miner? I am using 22 right now and it's almost keeping up.

    May other problem still exists. All the solar panels stop. I use 1.3.2 with forge - Optifine B4 - MultiMC - Rei's MiniMap. I have weather turned of in Optifine and wonder if that might be it that the solar panels can still detect the rain.

    Sometimes they do seem to be just starting up again when I get to them. I use 1.3.2. How close do you have to stay to them so they keep going? I don't have this one on a server. If they don't stay running what good are they?

    For all I know right now is they just stop working so when I go to them they are not working in full sun. I will look into to other things to see if I can figure them out. thanks

    They do work when I install them and they do eventually start back up again.

    Thanks for the help trying to find the right info is not so easy. I don't know what a language pack is but I got the info from here. which I thought was the right place to go. I will have to be more careful where I get my info in the future. I really couldn't find any info on getting started on making the rubber and just got turned around in circles.

    I was wondering what I was going to do with all that sticky stuff.

    I can't make rubber using the unless it means rubber trees fresh cut wood. I am unable to make the dejuicer following that recipe unless the machine block and the leet block are different blocks then I can't make the leet block.

    Crafting E-654 Rubber Extracted Rubber™ requires

    1- Three fresh cut wood blocks

    2- One E-654 Rubber Extractor Treetap™

    This produces one unit of Extracted Rubber™

    This was found to be highly inefficient and has been superseded by the Dejuicer-Device of Doom - D123 ™

    Crafting the Dejuicer-Device of Doom – D123™ requires

    1- Four Standard E-654 Rubber Extractor Treetap™

    2- One Multi-Functional-All-Around-Ultimate-Usage-Circuit™

    3- One Leet-Block M60™