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    Remove IC2, Bump IDs via NEI and check it with IC2 configs. It's an ID conflict, I had exact the same crash log...

    I got it via IRC channel, someone decompiled the source code. ;)

    To everyone with a printModStates crash: That's a fail with the recently-added MCP credits. Will be fixed in a Forge update

    Actually it was a Block ID conflict, but not shown in the Forge log.

    Known bug, will be fixed soon.

    This could be an error with Block IDs: Every Block has it's one one, but it's changeable, so maybe all the ItemIDs aren't the same as in your previous version. I don't know what to do in this situation, maybe it's even another issue...

    Have you checked for ID conflicts?

    Somehow forge isn't showing id conflicts in the log and just closes with a null pointer exception.
    Give it a try and control your ids ;)

    Oh, I checked the IDs, and changed them, now it seems to work. Thanks, I didn't even thought on this because it wasn't even in the change log. ;D

    Thanks RichardG for updating that quickly, but I get an error when try to launch Minecraft:

    Following Mods are installed:

    So maybe it's only an incompatibility error or even an installation error, but maybe not...