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    What's the difference between the projector upgrades? There's no documentation anywhere that I can find.

    I did a ChargePads Tutorial back in 1.4.7 with my friend Greevir. It might help answer yours and other people's questions. I hope it helps.

    Love the mod too btw. I hope an EV chargepad finds its way in soon, if it hasn't already. I haven't tried a version since 1.4.7 :)

    Thank you for these, I've added them to the first post in the thread.

    Awesome. I'll do an update very soon. Sorting out my 1.5.1 install right now. Is it pretty much a straight port from Thunderdark's version or are there new things to watch for? Looking at the Roadmap on the bitbucket page I see you plan to integrate new features requested by the community. I assume that's still on the todo list. If you think I should wait for those updates then I'll hold off.

    Awesome work guys! Since this is built off the original version I have a Tutorial series to show people how to use it. If interested the links are below.

    Part 1 (Basics) :
    Part 2 (Defense and Security) :
    Part 3 (Upgrades and Control) :

    I'll give this a go soon and do an update to show off any new features and make corrections. Thanks again for doing this. I think having 2 versions is good. Keeps things interesting for people :)

    Base recipe of ASP in hard and standart mode is same (exclude uran). Now is more balanced, than older version. 9 uu matter and 1 diamond not very expensive. 8 ASP be more expensive than 1 HSP. Older recipe is unbalanced. 8 ASP cheaper than 1 HSP.

    Well, in fairness now, 1 HSP is cheaper than 8 ASP's. You're better off just building a Hybrid upfront rather than wasting time with making so many advanced panels. It works out to be less resources.

    The "Enable hard recipes" config option set to false doesn't change the advanced solar recipe at all. Not sure if that is intended or not.

    I'm at the point where the recipe changes mean little though for new starts that change would be a real pain. Not sure how I feel about that. It seems overly costly too me. Diamonds are fair game but requiring uu-matter and iridium at that stage? I think it is a little too much.

    Just my view of course.

    I agree as well. It's just not worth building advanced solars anymore. It's not much of a problem late game, but I think this will turn a lot of people off to the mod. First tier of an item should never require iridium and uu matter. I think I'll hold off doing this update. Hopefully this is reconsidered.

    My one and only suggestion would be to implement Cable Facades for IC2 Power cables, specifically the Glass Fibre Cable.

    I'm honestly not sure how difficult something like that would be, but It would be a welcome addition to the mod I believe as hiding all your IC2 (especially later on in game) can become difficult.

    Got a crash report for you. Happened when I right clicked on a Hybrid solar cell with an electric wrench.

    No biggie, just thought I would pass it along.


    Check: MonazitOreWorldGen in config if 4 set to 8+..
    and i have been noted my Quarry on Forgecraft have found beetween level 64->33 only 2 blocks 8| ...

    Cool thanks! Updated config. I've found a little bit in a mystraft age around 50 or so.

    Also, I see on the OP that you have a 1.4.4 version listed as* The files section below doesn't contain anything like that though. I only see 1.3.2 and 1.4.2 versions. Are you just holding off for a 1.4.4 version of IC2?


    Remove IC2, Bump IDs via NEI and check it with IC2 configs. It's an ID conflict, I had exact the same crash log...

    Actually, I just updated forge from build 337 to 339, fixed a blockID conflict with enderstorage and it worked :) I updated my post, dunno if anyone saw it.
    Thanks for the tip though, not sure what you mean by Bump IDs via NEI.

    Downloaded IC2 1.108.57-lf from the OP of this thread.

    Getting crash when loading MC.

    Works fine if it's the only mod installed, but getting this error when I install it with other mods.

    Curently using:
    OptiFine 1.4.2 HD U A7
    CodeChickenCore 0.6.6
    NEI 1.4.1
    Rei's Minimap 3.2_05
    ComputerCraft 1.46
    EnderStorage 1.2.1
    Inventory Tweaks 1.44

    Edit: Resolved my own issue!!

    I simply updated Forge from to, changed an Enderstorage BlockID and it works great! Thanks RichardG for getting this out to us so fast!! :D