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    Is anyone else having lots of chunk updates and graphical lag in overworld?

    Ever since updating to Minecraft 1.46, and even without any mods there's ~50 chunk updates.

    In overworld I'm currently at 40-60fps 60 chunk updates but If I go to the end it's 300 fps 0 chunk updates.

    1.45 didn't have this issue although it's kind of similar to the centrifuge animations issue (and those I have set off from the start).

    ps. Optifine had 0 impact even when changing ALL settings to crap. (view distance seemed to have negative impact)

    On actual gregtech matters:
    How about some device that needs those Dragon healing end towers to be intact, would make killing dragon more interesting since you had to avoid destroying them. (Haven't actually checked how much/fast they heal the dragon so I don't know if this is even possible)

    Define "loose". How did you loose the Items?

    In one case I had 128 tin bars and crafted those to 18x64 tin nuggets which I then crafted to tin bars but only had enough nuggets to make 127 bars and had 7 nuggets left.

    In the other case with tungsten I had even number of tiny tungsten piles but after crafting those to bigger piles I had uneven number of tiny piles left. (since it takes 4 to make bigger piles that shouldn't be possible)

    Few bugs to report:

    Centrifuging Marble Dust doesn't work if there are empty cells in the cell slot (recipe doesn't even use that slot).

    While combining tiny piles of dust or nuggets you sometimes loose few tiny piles/nuggets. (only have this happen twice now, once with tin nuggets and once with tiny piles of tungsten)

    [Reactor Designs] The GregTech-Thread for Reactor Designs! (Please dont spam me like Rick, with tons of noobish Plans, PLEASE!!!)

    You could post the forge log instead of the crash log, it's much more usefull. Besides your forge is 481 which is newer than what I have atm.

    Yep. That's why it's interesting. It's a good energy source, but you've to mine always moren that fit with MC.

    Uranium is pretty common and if you mine manually you get over 2x more then set up a breeder to further multiply the cells (~8x).

    I have currently 4x (320EU/t) reactors + a hot single cycle automated breeder dumping power to single line which branches of to Matter fab and 2 MFSU's.

    Works great, if MFSU's need power they get 33% of the capacity each but if theyr full then all goes to Matter fab. (and without a single piece of redstone I might add)

    the Glass fiber cables have a silver line in them (assuming you use that recipe) which is a very good conductor. The main issue i have is the uselessness of EV cables, which theoretically should have the lowest power loss, hence my suggestion for an aluminium cable which operates best at HV or EV (preferably in the 2048-8196 range) with extremely low loss, but needing to be uninsulated, therefore will electrocute anyone who gets too close.

    HV cables aren't that bad. 95% of the power makes thru 100 blocks range. Which makes it good substitute for glass fiber if you can't afford them. (Though the transformers will set you back 2 diamonds/rubys)

    Alright next question sorry about the double post, what is a good way to generate power early game, right now we are running over of generators.

    I kept on using netherrack powered geothermals until I got my second nuclear reactor online.

    You will need Thermal Expansion and a netherportal and running even 3 geothermals will chew netherrack like it's going out of style.

    I got by using just 5 magmatic engines, 2 magma cruciples and one redstone power cell.


    Tried to make use of the new liquid sensors but didn't go so well...

    Attached sensors to 2 railcraft tanks (oil and fuel), then added cards to new panels (already redstoned) and when I added 2 range extenders below crash occured.

    Tried same thing in single player world, no problem. restored earlier backup and tried again and it crashed exactly the same way and at same point.



    Try downgrading to CCC 0.6.11 and NEI, I had the same issue earlier this week when I tried latest CCC and NEI.

    It crashes if you look at recharging receipes involving redstone/lapis atleast.

    Keep crashing when trying to view recipes with nei , dusts. example
    go search for sapphire uses then sapphire dust and boom "shutting down internal server " then a java nullpointer.
    how can i fix this?
    i have the latest NEI and CCC
    and i saw a comment from other pages saying that using CCC .11 will fix it but .11 is for 1.4.2

    Well I'm using CCC 0.6.11 and NEI on MC 1.45 and they are working just fine.

    Though I did just check chickenbones link for old versions and it does claim it's for MC 1.42, probably a copy paste error though...

    Question: Is there any sheldonite ore in the main land mass in the End? or is it only in the asteroids around it?

    Having a bit of problems mining those asteroids since they are a bit crowded (if you been there you know what I mean).

    Just made my first pink goo without any cheating or making the game easier by config.

    Have to say it takes quite a fair amount of effort to get there but there's better feeling of progress now then with old mass fab.

    On the nei crashing issue from some pages back, Don't bother trying current versions (CCC 0.6.14, NEI they won't work. Older version (CCC 0.6.11, NEI works just fine.

    So I uh... Have this problem.
    I am trying to run both buildcraft and industrialcraft. I am using the buildcraft 3.2.1 and this beta. I have the 409 forge, but the rubber trees are... broken. They spawn with copper blocks for leaves and metal scaffold for trunks, but drop green pipe wire when you break the scaffold. I am deeply confused and have tried reinstalling. Any suggestions?

    Sounds like ID conflict, check your forge log for details and edit the config files.