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    There's a bug in the current beta that prevents compressing uranium ore, should be fixed in the next beta though.

    Eu reader needs that you click on a cable 2 times, with some time between so you get an average reading for that time.

    I was using forge 354, chicken core 6.6.0, NEI, IC2 1.108.57 and greg 2.08b and no ID Resolver.. maybe that will help...

    EDIT: oh crap, the download link of 2.08b is not there

    Try one higher CodeChickedCore ( that was the version I was using for minecraft 1.42.

    And what do you mean 2.08b isn't there? just checked and the link is still there with the other old versions.

    I know it's an offtopic question and I apologize, but is there any way to follow along with this mod ? I mena is there any way to see when a new version is released?

    Yes, download a fresh copy right before you start to play and install it and experiment.

    Or you can read thru the 10+ new pages on this thread but where's the fun in that.

    This also happens if you leave your base (~200 meters or so) and return even if there is World anchor keeping it running.

    Quoted from "Chez"
    Hm... Does anyone have some textures glithes with I. Electrolyzer?

    You mean GUI in SMP? Yes, I know about that.

    Does this refer to the invisible items in the gui after player leaves the immediate area of the Industrial Electrolyzer and the texture changing and gui opening flashing something for a split second.

    I'm not 100% sure but I also think the machine stopped running after this happened.

    Btw. receipe for lag machine: several industrial electrolyzers running but connected to LV grid in the same chunk as several Industrial centrifuges that are also running... (same effect as having the animations on)

    Couple suggestions.

    Use for Rotten Flesh (aside from eating it in a pinch that is), these seem to be piling up even though I don't go out killing that much.

    Additional use for slime ball, since 1.4.2 I have a lot of slimes in the swamp near my base. (I though they were supposed to spawn closer to bedrock....)

    And maybe an electric item collector for mob traps. Basically translocator but with one side sucking items in from the world. (for those of us that don't have build-craft installed)

    Forgot this one...


    2 Depleted Uraniumcells can now be centrifuged to 1 Thoriumcell. (so breeding is still better)

    In 1.36b this recipe is actually reversed. so for one Thoriumcell you get 2 Uranium cells and one empty cell.

    Btw in this threads 1st page there was a bit of info about Fusion reactor that said that you need one Electrolyzed water cell per 2 seconds, I'm pretty sure it was meant to say you need 1 Electrolyzed water cell per 2 ticks. Which would mean something like 175 Centrifuges, 288 Electrolyzers, 72 MFSU's and quite a few pumps. (did I make a math error somewhere along the line or is this really the cost to fully automate Fusion)

    First of thanks for this awesome addon.

    Here's few issues that I noticed today... (@ 1.36b version)

    AESU doesn't correctly update lowering output EU/t rate until all input cables have been severed. (eu meter shows the set value as output but machines are still getting the old higher rate)

    Meaning if you set output to 2048 EU/t and then lower it to 512 EU/t connected machines would still be getting the 2048 EU/t.

    Other issue was bit more severe as client was having null pointer crashing when ever I go withing 100m of my base. (server kept on running just fine and if I teleported further back I would be fine also)

    These were aparently caused by your Electric Autocraftingtable connected with buildcraft pipes. (I might be able to post a picture of the setup if that helps)

    The setup worked just fine when I used 2 of them to autocraft dual-uranium cells but when I left the area and tried to come back it would constantly crash around 100m before reaching the base. (base had railcraft world anchors to keep it loaded)